An Evening with Chris ‘The Mad Aquarist’ Biggs

April 25th 2020. Madness is coming to town, and it’s name is Chris.

Hamilton & District Aquarium Society is incredibly excited to be hosting a dinner speaker event featuring The Mad Aquarist himself, Chris Biggs!
A spark of genius from the icy plains of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Chris is a Grand Master fish breeder and horticulturalist, international speaker, founding member of The Dead Fish Order, and so much more. His love for the hobby can be seen on his YouTube Channel and has kept him in high demand as a keynote speaker.

Our evening will feature two presentations by Chris, a potluck dinner, donation drive for Neighbour-2-Neighbour, door prizes, and more!

Tickets: $20 plus small potluck item or donation to Neighbour-2-Neighbour
Location: The Waterdown Legion Branch 551, 79 Hamilton St N, Waterdown, ON L0R 2H0

Contact to arrange tickets and potluck contributions.
Please inform us of any dietary restrictions or allergies; we want all of our guests to leave happy and well fed!

For further information, follow us on Facebook or online

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Fish Growing Contest

Let’s get growing!

This year H&DAS is putting on a fish growing contest for our members!
Sign up at our September or October meeting to pick up your fry at the November meeting.


Charles Drew will be providing the club with gorgeous, high quality Koi Swordtail fry. Participants will receive 5 fry for $5 to grow out in their home aquaria. We will hold a jar show for these fish at the June meeting with two classes (male and female). Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 fish in each category. Entries are limited to one male and one female per participant.

Prizes are gift certificates to local fish stores: $50 for 1st place, $25 for 2nd place, and $15 for 3rd place.
Every participant who brings fish back for showing will be reimbursed their $5 purchase price.

For more information contact

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Our Spring Auction, Saturday March 25th, is just a few days away!

Just a reminder of some of our rules:

  • Items to be auctioned may be fish, plants or any new fish related items.  No open containers of fish food or medication will be allowed. No expired products allowed. You may rent a vendors table for any used equipment. Please limit the amount of each species or product to ensure top dollar.
  • No books or magazines
  • Used aquariums under 30 gallons are allowed, only if there are no cracks or leaks, and they are clean.

You may pre-register as a seller until Thursday evening. Lot numbers will not be given out on Friday.
Please contact Albert @ to pre-register.

For more information, visit

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Jar Show Standings 2016/17

Name October November January
Peter DeSouza 11 12 6
Nicki Vella 3 2
Catherine Salmon 4 5
Valerie Winger 7
Margaret Dent 3
Jessica Bullock 7
Carla MacDonald 1
Albert Van Montfort 3
Karen Rogers 2
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A few updates…

I hope all H&DAS members are enjoying these milder days of summer.  But on those hot days that are likely to come, have a look at some of the newer social media features we have added for your enjoyment:

  • The forum is now Facebook enabled.  If you already have a forum account, go ahead and link your Facebook account under profile settings.  If you are new to the discussion forum, save yourself some time by just logging in by clicking the Connect to Facebook button.  The H&DAS forum is the official place for community support and news about H&DAS happenings and members.
  • Our gallery is upgrading to use Flickr. In the coming weeks, photos of Auctions, Shows, trips, and Home Shows will still be available on the website, but they will be stored in our Flickr Photostream.  As a special feature for members, photos can now be shared easily to our Flickr Group.  So get out your cameras, log in to Flickr, and start sharing those great pictures!
  • Last, for those Plussers, a Google+ page is set up as yet another place to catch the H&DAS news.  

Plug in, connect your wireless, tap in to what is available from H&DAS this summer!

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A brief summary of some upcoming events. Stay tuned…

1. HDAS BBQ – this was our first club BBQ. It was held at Carla’s home. We had a great turn out with 25 members coming out all bringing a little bit of their fish expertise. We enjoyed hot dogs, burgs, sausage and many salads and deserts were brought along by the many HDAS group. It was a great night and the weather participated. I’m sure we will do this again.

2. Speaker Line Up – Sept – Klaus Steinhouse – Cares Program – Oct – Frank Aquaire – Most Beautiful Aquariums – Nov – Tom Mason – Crayfish, Lobsters and Shrimp – Dec – Christmas Party, Neighbour to Neighbour Food Drive

3. Sat. Sept 21 – HDAS Fall Auction and Vendors Table – Waterdown Legion. If anyone is interested in purchasing a vendors table, please contact Carla

4. Hamilton and District Aquarium Society is please to announce that Mark Denaro will be our Guest Dinner Speaker on Saturday November 16th at the Waterdown Legion. He will be presenting 2 programs – Hope you can join us. The cost is $25 and includes a fantastic dinner and prizes. To purchase your ticket please contact a member of the HDAS executive. Thanks and have a great summer!


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Website and Forum Maintenance

The website ( and forum ( will be offline for maintenance Friday, February 1 from approximately 7pm until 5pm the next day, Saturday, February 2 to move to a new host.  Please contact with any questions or concerns. No content or accounts will be affected by this change in hosting. 


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February Speaker

What is a Ball Python you ask?

Not too big, not too small, non venomous, a gentle disposition, and with the limitless colors and patterns being produced each year, it’s almost overwhelming trying to imagine what the diverse variations will be developed into.

We have been keeping Reptlies for over a decade now, and the Ball Python phenomenon has grown into a thriving industry.

Join me on the 14th of February for a Q & A on these fascinating snakes.


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Christmas Party

Just a reminder that December 13 is our Food Drive for Neighbour to Neighbour. All money raised thru the evening will be donated as well.


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Hi everyone!
Ryan is helping me to update info on this site. If you have something you’d like me to add-let me know.


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