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President’s Message – June 2012

Hi Everyone!!!Yup, I took this week off work so I could work on my pond and gardens.  So far all I’ve seen is rain and the weather just isn’t too exciting.  Not what I was hoping for but I’m sure it will get better sometime this week.  My ponds are looking great.  I got a few new plants for the pond but I’m looking forward to our June meeting to see if there is anything else I can pick up.  I have some watersprite that accidently got into my one pond and its flourishing like crazy.  The fish love it.  I will bring some of that for the auction.  Our June meeting will be a goldfish presentation by Frank Aguirre.

Please remember to bring one of your turquoise rainbows you are growing up for the fish growing contest.  There are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place fish.  Of course, Charlie D will be judging our fish.

Our fall auction will be on Saturday, September 22.   Please try to mark this date on your calendar.  Let me know if you can help us out that day.  I’ve said it sooo many times but it takes about 25 people to make an auction work and we really need the help.  You don’t need to help all day but whatever you can do will be appreciated.

Over the summer send me some pictures of your pond.  They don’t need to be perfect pictures, its not a contest.  Lets see how many pictures I get and perhaps I can put a program together for next spring with all your pond pictures.  You can send pictures throughout the year with all the different seasons.  Lets see what happens.

I hope to see you all at the meeting on June 14.  If you can’t make it to the meeting I hope you have a terrific summer and see you in September.


~oops, there it goes raining again…

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President’s Message – May 2012

Hi Everyone!
I sure hope that May will be a beginning of a wonderful spring and summer. It seemed as though the spring was off to a good start only a month ago but then something happened and it got cold again. I think my pond fish are confused.
I’d like to thank Frank H, Charlie D, Albert V and Ryan B for the great job they did. The Home Show is getting larger each year. As a person that appreciates everything that is done to make a tank look that great and how much work you all do to make them look that way……..thank you all for participating. I can’t wait to see what you all have for next year.
Our program for this month on May 10 is on Zebra Plecos. Doug White will be coming to speak to us about his adventures in breeding these wonderful fish. This is a program you don’t want to miss. The program for June is being presented by Fish Sempai on Koi. June is pond month and the last presentation of this season. If you have any suggestions for the 2012-2012 season, please let Joe B or myself know.
How are your Turquoise Rainbows for the fish growing contest doing? Get them ready for the June meeting.
I’d like to congratulate Jerry and Barb Draper on their recent marriage.
It was a beautiful day. We wish you many happy years together.
I hope to see you all at the meeting.

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President’s Message – April 2012

Hi Everyone!

Wow, just look at spring.  Its been pretty crazy from what I hear.  I was in Florida for about 10 days and the weather was great there.  It was 28 when I left here but I understand it got cold here and rained, hailed………just crazy.  My ponds are looking for some love and I better be getting to work on that before the fish jump out.  The ponds are clear but need some help.  They have that winter haze to contend with.  I have some new rocks I want to add to the waterfall.  I just love the spring and how everything transforms so quickly.
I’d like to thank Walter Murfin for his great presentation on Salt water fish and tank set up.  I’ll give you a call for some help when I’m ready.  I’d like to thank everyone for their help with our spring auction on Sat. March 17.  It was a great success.  I wasn’t too sure how a Saturday was going to work out for us but it was great.  Thank you all for coming out and helping, buying and selling.  It was a totally great day.
Our presentation this month is the Home Show.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s tanks.  Who will win the People’s Choice Award this year.  This has to be one of our most special presentations.  It is always very rewarding to see everyones hard work and beautiful tanks.  I hope to see everyone at the meeting.


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President’s Message – March 2012

Hi Everyone!!!

I can’t believe it’s March already.  It’s Florida month for me………I go after the Spring Auction to visit my aunt in Port Charlotte.  A place where the sun seems to shine everyday.  Oh, Spring Auction! It’s on SATURDAY, March 17.  Its at the Waterdown Legion.  The doors open at 8am and the auction starts at 10am.  We will sell fish, plants, books or any new or used fish equipment.  If you can carry it – we should be able to sell it.  Most importantly, we need help from our club members at the auction helping us to run an event like this.  If you can donate a few hours of your day to help run, sort fish etc that would be great.  I know I say it often but these events don’t run by themselves.  It takes many volunteers to make this day a success and we just don’t often have enough volunteers.  I hope to see you at the auction.
The Annual Home Show is looking really good. There are many tanks registered for the event.  The HDAS judging team will be in contact with you very shortly to set up dates and times for the tanks to be viewed and judged.  I look forward to that program.
Our program this month is on Salt Water Tanks.  Walter Murfin from the Brantford Club will be coming to present this program.  He going to show us how easy it is to have a salt water tank.  Those of you with salt tanks can add to the program.
How are everyones Blue Rainbows doing from the Fish Growing Contest.  Why don’t you write a short article for the bulletin and send it to Jessica to let us know what your feeding your fish to make them grow quickly.

See you at the meeting……..


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President’s Message – February 2012

Hi Everyone!

I’d like to thank the executive for standing up again for another year. It’s great to see such great spirit within this group and we all hope that we are helping the HDAS be its best. If there is anything we can do to bring fish related info to you, please let us know. I’d like to thank Margaret and Joe for their fantastic jobs showing us all how to make fish food. It was very informative – especially for those of us that don’t go to such great lengths to make food. It sure is a cheaper way to spoil our fish. Thanks again Margaret and Joe. Our presentation this month is about “Plants”. Jim Robinson will the presenter. His presentation will focus on the optimum conditions for plant growth. Our April program will be about “Salt Water” We still have room for you to sign up for the “Home Show”. Does your tank have that winning something that everyone in the crowd will vote this years “Peoples Choice”? You won’t know unless you enter the Show. Please make sure we have your information at the meeting.

See you there…….. Carla

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President’s Message – January 2012

Hi Everyone!

And so another year has just begun. I hope you all enjoyed the December Christmas party. Thank you all for you contributions to Neighbour to Neighbour. Noel-thank you for your night of trivia. I think it was enjoyed by all.
Our January meeting will be a workshop on preparing food for your fish. It is also the announcement of elected team at HDAS. It will stand as: Treasurer-Albert V, Secretary-Margaret D, 2nd vice pres-Jessica B, 1st vice pres-Karen R and Pres-myself.  Please remember that we are always looking for volunteers to help out with the club. Let me know if you are interested.
Have you signed up for the Home Show. Our team will be visiting tanks in March to put a presentation together for the April meeting. I can’t wait to see all your tanks this year.
Remember to send any fish related pictures to Jessica at the bulletin. Frozen ponds make great pictures this time of year!
See you at the meeting Jan 12.

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President’s Message – December 2011

Hi Everyone and Happy Holidays!!!
December is such a busy month with Christmas and the New Year both only a stones though away.  I will start with what’s up for Christmas.  First we have our meeting on Thurs Dec 8.  It’s an important meeting as we get to mingle and enjoy each others company.  Pizza, wings and snacks.  Bring a snack to share if you can.  We are also going to be playing a fishy game with Noel.  Will you be the winner this year.  Many others are not as fortunate as many of us so we ask that you bring a non perishable food item for our annual food drive for Neighbour to Neighbour.  As well, any money raised thru the fish table draw also goes to help others in need.  Let’s see if you’ve been naughty or nice………does Santa have something for you!
The following Thurs Dec 15 if you are interested in joining together for dinner at the Red Maple Chinese Food on Mapleview and Appleby Line.  The cost there is $14.99 plus tax and tipping.  Please let me know if you are interested in making it out with all your fishy friends. 
I’d like to thank Larry Johnson for his presentation last month.  The pictures sure were beautiful.  It must be really spectacular actually being in the water with these amazing fish.  Thank you for sharing your experience. 
January is the election month.  If you are interested in joining the executive there is still time.  All positions are open, Charlie D or myself must be aware of your decision for the Dec meeting.  The program for January will be about foods we can make for our fish. 
Are you intested in taking part in the Annual Home Show.  If you haven’t signed up please do so at the meeting as well.
I wish you all a very Merry Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

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President’s Message – November 2011

Hi Everyone!!!
I hope you are all enjoying the colours of the fall.  It’s been pretty nice so far……….winter will be here soon enough I’m sure. 
We are looking at some great programs coming up.  November – Larry Johnson will be entertaining us with his pictures from Lake Malawi.  This is sure to be a great program.   We will also be giving out the fish for the fish growing contest.  I have some turquoise rainbows coming from “catfish creek”.  December 8th is the Christmas program.  We have a fish game with Noel, pizza night, a fishy table draw (it doesn’t need to be fish) neighbour to neighbour food drive to help others less fortunate than ourselves.  If you have anything to go on the fish table, please let Sarah L know.  The following week on Thurs. Dec 15 everyone is invited to go to the Red Maple Chinese Buffet on Appleby Line and Upper Middle Rd in Burlington. There will be a sign up sheet at the Nov. meeting.  The December meeting is also the last chance you have to put in your nominations for the January meeting.  If you are interesting in running for a position or nominate someone, please let myself or Charlie D know.  All positions are open.  Voting takes place at the January meeting. 
Who is interested in taking part in the Home Show.  The Home Show was a really great success last year and I think it can be even bigger and better this year but not without you.  Sign up to take part at the next meeting.  The judging of the tanks for the Home Show will be in March and the program is in April. 
If you have any suggestions for programs, please let Joe B know.  He is only too happy to try to work his magic to make it happen. 
Do you know anyone that would like to advertise in our bulletin?  If you do, please get in touch with Albert or myself as we are sending out the info for the 2012 bulletins soon.
See you at the next meeting!

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President’s Message – October 2011

Hi Everyone!!!   Is everyone’s pond closed……………I’m going to have to still work on that!

Well, I’m glad that’s over.  The HDAS Fall Auction and Show are over.  Don’t worry-spring will be coming again sooner than you know and I will make the chili again for all you Chili Dog auction people.  I see the Kitchener crowd is into my chili.  Whatever it takes to make you guys happy and buying some really nice fish.  The Show was amazing with 204 entries.  I can’t remember ever having as many entries.  Thank you to all that brought some really nice fish and items for the show.
The auction seemed to be a really big success as well.  Even without Albert-we survived.  Thank you Jessica and Margaret for manning the computer and cash table.  The kitchen did a great job.  I think every item was sold there too.  We had more than 1000 items sold in the auction and that is pretty incredible.  Thanks to all the runners from our club.  Special thanks to all the runners from the many other clubs that helped us out.  It was a long day and these events can’t happen without everyones help.  Thank you to Jerry D, Ed K, Brad S, Bob W, Robin P for helping with the auctioning.  You guys were terrific.  Thanks to Pet Paradise, Tropical Fish Room, Big Al’s for their support with the Show and Auction.  I’d like to thank Mario at Big Al’s for his kind donation of a 26 gallon Bow Front Tank and Stand.  I need to also thank Mike at “Eye Catchers” for his donation of an eye wear package from his store in the Dundurn Plaza.  Bob, thank you for running the Fish Show and Udo and Ron B for judging.  Overall, a really successful day.

Thank you Udo for starting this new season with a great filtration presentation.  The October presenter is Frank Aguire on Catfish.  I hope you can all make it on the 13th.  Larry J will be speaking on Lake Malawi in November.  December is the month of cheer with Christmas.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for the Christmas party.  We will be having a Neighbour to Neighbour Food Drive.  We will have a Fish Table Draw.  If you have anything to add to the Fish Table, please let Sarah L know.  We generally have pizza and wings that night but if anyone has another idea – please let me know.  January is election month.  If you are interested in a position helping out the club, please let me know.  All nominations must be into Charlie Drew or myself by the Christmas meeting.  A presentation will follow.

I hope I didn’t miss anyone that helped us out at the Auction and Show.  Everyone did a great job.

Thank you and Keep Fishing!!!


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President’s Message – September 2011

Hi Everyone!
I hope you’ve all had a great summer. I hope there is still more summer to come but as I’m on holidays in the Napanee/Kingston area, I’m noticing the changing of the weather. Fall is in the air and the leaves are gently turning.
I’ve had a great summer. My ponds did really well. My lillies are huge and have had many blooms. There are many baby fish and they grow larger by the day.
Our first meeting this season is on Thurs. Sept 8. I hope you can all make it. The Fall Auction and Show is on Sun. Oct 2. Get your fish ready for the Show. Its a cash payout so you could make lots of money. This auction will be a cash auction. You pay as you buy. Its less trouble for everyone when cashing out. If you can help the club out by running, doing up chits, anything at all please let me know.
I’d like to see us all participating in the CARES program. Please see Karen to register your fish. We will also be signing up for the fish growing contest at the Sept meeting.
I hope to see you all at the there.


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