H&DAS is suspending the Jar Show for the 2017-2018 season


At each monthly meeting the club holds a “Jar Show” in which members display their fish in small tanks or jars.   The fish are judged and prizes are awarded monthly and yearly.   The jar show is intended to be fun, to give members an opportunity to see other members fish and to give members experience in showing fish without having to jump into a large annual show.   The more members who participate the more fun the jar show is.

The rules are as follows:

1) Only members may enter the jar show.

2) An entry consists of one fish shown in a square jar or tank or other container with at least one flat side (for judging).

3) No plants, gravel, snails etc. may be present in the jar.

4) A fish placing 1st in a class may not be entered again in that class until the new calendar year.

5) Entries must be the property of the entrant for a period of at least 30 days before the show.

6) Points are awarded in each class: 1st (5), 2nd (3), 3rd (2). All non-winning entries receive 1 point to a maximum of 3 per entrant just for entering.

7) There are 2 monthly classes: Fish of the month (FOM) & Any Other Variety (AOV)

8) The judge’s decision is final.

9) A proper entry form (available at the meeting) must be filled out.

10) Fish will be judged mainly on size, colour and condition.

11) The jar show year is September to June.

12) First place in each class monthly will be awarded a $15 gift certificate, and an annual prize is awarded based on most points for the year.

Month Fish Month Fish
September Catfish February Anabantids/Anabantoids
October Swordtails/Platies March Cichlids
November Guppies/Mollies April Cyprinids (Danios/Rasboras/etc.)
December No Jar Show May Characins (Tetras/Pencilfish/etc.)
January Plants June Killifish