Hi Everyone

Happy New Years and welcome to a new year at the HDAS club. The new team and some old are all ready to provide you with a great fish experience. We hope to keep you informed and provide you with knowledge about keeping your fish and perhaps experimenting with something new. If you have any requests please let Larry Johnson know. He has volunteered to help put programs together for us. Thank you Joe B for all your help with this job over the many years. Joe isn’t going anywhere, he is still offering his expertise, just in other ways. Our spring auction and show is quickly approaching. Please mark Saturday March 23 on your calendar of events not to be missed. As always, we will be needing lots of help. It takes many sets of hands to make our auction a success. Please let me know if you can help.
Those of you that came out to the Christmas dinner at the Red Maple I’m sure enjoyed a great night. The food was good and the company was fantastic. The weather was treating us a bit like winter but thats the season.
Do you have any pictures you would like to share with me on your pond. Please send them to me at your earliest convenience. I’m trying to put together a pond program. Your pictures can be anything, any season, construction, flourishing etc. Just send them. Thanks. I already received a few and thank you very much.
I look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting on Thurs Jan 10.