Hi Everyone!

And so another year has just begun. I hope you all enjoyed the December Christmas party. Thank you all for you contributions to Neighbour to Neighbour. Noel-thank you for your night of trivia. I think it was enjoyed by all.
Our January meeting will be a workshop on preparing food for your fish. It is also the announcement of elected team at HDAS. It will stand as: Treasurer-Albert V, Secretary-Margaret D, 2nd vice pres-Jessica B, 1st vice pres-Karen R and Pres-myself.  Please remember that we are always looking for volunteers to help out with the club. Let me know if you are interested.
Have you signed up for the Home Show. Our team will be visiting tanks in March to put a presentation together for the April meeting. I can’t wait to see all your tanks this year.
Remember to send any fish related pictures to Jessica at the bulletin. Frozen ponds make great pictures this time of year!
See you at the meeting Jan 12.