Hi Everyone!!!

I can’t believe it’s March already.  It’s Florida month for me………I go after the Spring Auction to visit my aunt in Port Charlotte.  A place where the sun seems to shine everyday.  Oh, Spring Auction! It’s on SATURDAY, March 17.  Its at the Waterdown Legion.  The doors open at 8am and the auction starts at 10am.  We will sell fish, plants, books or any new or used fish equipment.  If you can carry it – we should be able to sell it.  Most importantly, we need help from our club members at the auction helping us to run an event like this.  If you can donate a few hours of your day to help run, sort fish etc that would be great.  I know I say it often but these events don’t run by themselves.  It takes many volunteers to make this day a success and we just don’t often have enough volunteers.  I hope to see you at the auction.
The Annual Home Show is looking really good. There are many tanks registered for the event.  The HDAS judging team will be in contact with you very shortly to set up dates and times for the tanks to be viewed and judged.  I look forward to that program.
Our program this month is on Salt Water Tanks.  Walter Murfin from the Brantford Club will be coming to present this program.  He going to show us how easy it is to have a salt water tank.  Those of you with salt tanks can add to the program.
How are everyones Blue Rainbows doing from the Fish Growing Contest.  Why don’t you write a short article for the bulletin and send it to Jessica to let us know what your feeding your fish to make them grow quickly.

See you at the meeting……..