hi everyone!

May is such an exciting month. The yards are coming to life, turning green. Flowers are starting to make an impact everywhere. Those of us with ponds are excited with the promise of tranquility during the hot summer months in our yards. Those lucky fish get to stay cool in such a wonderful place. I look forward to seeing my yard come to life. May is also the month of the annual CAOAC convention at the Best Western Hotel in Brantford. It is being hosted this year by the Brantford Aquarium Club. It is sure to be a great long weekend of fun with friends and exciting speakers. Its starts on Friday May 20 and runs thru Monday May 23. There is an auction on the Monday at the hotel. Everyone is invited. If you have questions or are looking for information on the convention, check out caoac.ca.
This months program is a workshop on making mops and food for your fish. It should be interesting and give you some other options for feeding your fish. Charlie D will be giving us information on making mops, Joe B and Marg D will be teaching us about feeding our fish different foods. June is always pond month.
HDAS is planning a trip to the Toronto Zoo on Sunday, June 12. The cost for the trip is $35.00 per person. This includes the bus transportation and entry into the zoo. We will be accepting the money for this trip at the meeting on May 12.
We are making a change to the 4th Annual Pond Tour. We are going to incorporate the Hospice Pond Tour into our HDAS Pond Tour. The Hospice Pond Tour runs the full weekend of Sat. July 9 and Sun. July 10. This tour will have approximately 30 watergardens featured. Grimsby, Hamilton, Brantford and Burlington are all taking part in this Tour. All money raised will help to support the Hospices in these areas. The cost of a weekend pass is $25.00 but we will be offering them to you for only $20.00. We will be putting together a tour for Sunday and provide a BBQ free of charge to you after a day of touring these wonderful ponds. The best part is that you get to use your pass for both days. I sure hope you all want to help out our many Hospice Families and support them. We will be accepting the money for the Pond Tour at the meeting as well.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.
See you all at the meeting.