Club Library

The H&DAS maintains an extensive library of books, videos & magazines which are available to its members. Although some of the larger items may only be used at the meetings, most of the books may be borrowed & taken home. The clubs library is one of the, if not THE most extensive collections of hobby related books in the area and can be of significant advantage to our members. The club tries to buy new books as often as possible and on as wide a variety of fish keeping topics as possible. Topics covered certainly go from A – Z!! As a member you are invited to make use of the library and we hope you will follow the few simple regulations set out below.

1) Books, bulletins or videos may be borrowed only if a current club library card is left with the librarian and may be borrowed for ONE MONTH ONLY!!

2) The borrowing member must sign out the material and leave the signed card with the librarian.

3) There is a limit of two books per month.

4) ALL items borrowed must be returned at the next meeting. If you cannot attend, other arrangements must be made before the meeting.

5) Once brought to the meeting and turned in, the item may be borrowed again by the same person only if it is not requested by someone else.

6) A five dollar deposit is required for each video borrowed. Three dollars will be refunded when the video is returned.

7) A charge of one dollar per item per month (or part month) is payable for items not returned on time. The borrower agrees to be responsible for the replacement cost of any book or video lost or severely damaged.

8) Borrowing privileges will be suspended for anyone owing unpaid charges or holding overdue items.

9) Please do not mark in any book or periodical.

10) Nothing may be borrowed at the June meeting.

11) Nothing may be borrowed without the borrower having [A] a currently valid membership card [B] a currently valid club library card AND acceptable photo ID

12) Items defined as reference books may only be used at the meeting and may not be taken home.