1) To recognize outstanding achievements in the breeding of aquarium fish.

2) To encourage the spawning of aquarium fish.

3) To accumulate and share knowledge of breeding techniques.


1) Elementary Breeders Award                     –     150 points

2) Intermediate Breeders Award                  –      400 points

3) Advanced Breeders Award                       –      700 points

4) Senior Breeders Award                             –     1000 points

5) Master Breeders Award                            –     2000 points

General Rules

1) A standing committee consisting of the Chair and his/her committee will be formed to assess the point value of fish, keeper records and settle any disputes arising.

2) Points will be awarded only once for each species. No additional points will be awarded for varieties or subspecies.

3) The aquarist must spawn the species and raise at least ten fry to at least sixty days of age, from one spawning. At the discretion of the committee more than one spawning of certain species may be counted in order to reach ten fry.

4) Fish not included in the point list will be assigned points as required.

5) It is the breeder’s responsibility to ensure that the points for a successful spawning have been properly recorded.

6) To gain points for a spawning the breeder must:

[A] Notify a committee member within one week of hatching

[B] Submit a completed BAP report form to the committee for their records.

[C] Show at least 10 60 day old fry to a committee member by bringing them to a monthly meeting or arranging to have them viewed at home if three or more species are involved.

[D] Submit one of the following:
1. Write an article describing the spawning and rearing procedure for the species spawned.
2. Donate at least 6 fry to a monthly club auction.
3. Give a short (5 min) presentation on spawning the species at a monthly club meeting.

7) Points may be acquired in any order but awards will be given in the order listed above. Certificates will be awarded for each level plus a small certificate for  each species.

Download Report Form


Points will be assigned to individual species on a permanent basis as they are spawned. Other fish will be added to the list and assigned permanent points as required. Awards will be given automatically when sufficient points are accumulated.

Breeders Award Program Committee Members

Catherine Salmon, Chair
Quinn Purser


Species Points Species Points
Guppies 5 Mollies 5
Pike Livebearer 10 Tiger barb 17
Most Danio 12 Cherry Barb 17
Rasbora hetamorpha 35 Tee Barb 17
AOV Livebearer 10 Lemon Tetra 25
Filament Barb 17 Rainbow Cichlid 17
Black Tetra 20 Discus 35
Silvertip tetra 20 Severum 25
Congo Tetra 35 Convict 12
AOV African Cichlid 20 Most Rasboras 20
Corydoras 20 Neon Tetra 35
Most Rainbows 20 Cardinal Tetra 35
Top Spawning Killies 20 Emperor Tetra 25
Bottom Spawning Killies 20 Bleeding Heart 30
Swordtails & Platies 5 Jewel Fish 15
Mystery Snails 5 Angelfish 20
Mosquito Fish 10 Red Devil 25
Giant Danio 17 Jack Dempsey 17
White Cloud 12 Most Mouth Brooders 17
Rosy Barb 17 Most Dwarf Cichlids 17
Black Ruby Barb 17 Most Australian Rainbows 17
Checker Barb 17 Most Anabantids 20
Gold Barb 17 Kuhli Loaches 35
Buenos Aires Tetra 20 Assassin Snails 10