Most of us have an aquarium in our home. It is an attention grabbing focal point to which our friends or relatives are drawn as they enter our home. Its never ending action and colours never cease to entertain and relax us.

The HDAS annual Home Show gives us a chance to share our own private little aquatic environment with our fellow members and also take home a little reward for our efforts.

There is no entry fee. All you have to do is register and open your door to the judges for a few minutes in the spring.

Here is a rough breakdown on how the judges will rate your tank. It is very general and the final version may vary slightly:

Plants – condition, selection, maturity, location – 25 points
Fish – condition, selection, maturity, appropriateness (size, colour, compatibility, etc) -25 points
Overall appearance – immediate impact, balance, clarity, equipment hidden, (heaters, thermometers, algae scrubbers,, etc), ornamentation – 50 points

Judges may award up to 10 bonus points for outstanding categories.
Each judge will score each entry and take averages at the end of judging.

So for little effort you can share your pride and joy with all of us and maybe earn a very nice prize. Contest open to members only. A prize will be awarded to every participant.

A decision as to whether multiple entries will be accepted from any one club member is under review.

The Home Show aquariums are usually judged in March, followed by a club presentation and review in April.

Home Show 2009

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