Saturday, September 28th 2024

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 551
79 Hamilton St N
Waterdown, Ontario
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Semi-annual auction rules apply,
Doors open at 8:00am.
All entries must be submitted and tabled by 9:30 am.
Auction starts sharply at 10:00am.

The percentage breakdown will be 70% seller/ 30% club.
Only new dry goods, fish, plants, and invertebrates will be accepted.

No books or used equipment.

A limited number of vendor’s tables will be available for $35 and MUST be pre-arranged with Carla (auctions@hdas.ca)

All sales final and at the decision of the auctioneer.

NO sales tax will be added to sales(Cash only.)
See Owners (Sellers) Sheets(PDF)

Owners (Sellers) Sheets (Word)

Seller’s numbers may be obtained in advance from Margaret  (treasurer@hdas.ca)

Auction Rules

  • You need not be a member of the H&DAS to buy or sell items at this auction.
  • Items to be auctioned may be fish, plants or any new fish related items.  No open containers of fish food or medication will be allowed. No expired products allowed.
  • No books or magazines
  • Used aquariums 30 gallons and under are allowed, only if there are no cracks or leaks, and they are clean and empty (bare glass).
  • Items must be listed with the auction committee by 9:30 am.
  • Seller’s numbers may be obtained in advance from Margaret (treasurer@hdas.ca)
  • Individuals with pre-registered numbers must be at the auction 30 minutes before the beginning of the auction, otherwise their numbers will be reassigned.
  • Sellers must be present to register items.
  • H&DAS will retain 30% of the selling price. Note: Payment to the owners will be made by mail or as soon as possible after the auction. Payments will be made during auction day to the registered seller ONLY, otherwise it will be mailed.
  • All fish must be in leak proof containers which will be sold with the fish. Please bag your fish properly and bring a few spare bags: a charge of $2.00 will be levied for each “leaker” we have to re-bag. Zip-lock bags and twist ties are not allowed. The auction chairman may reject any items not meeting these standards.
  • H&DAS reserves the right to refuse unacceptable items for sale.
  • All items must be labelled with the fish, quantity in bag, sex if possible, condition of goods (especially for equipment) and minimum bid amounts where applicable.
  • H&DAS reserves the right to limit the number of items per seller- 2 lots per seller only. 1st sheet must be completed before obtaining 2nd sheet.
  • At the time of registration, sellers’ numbers will be assigned.
  • An auction form is included when registering at the table, or in advance. This may be filled out in advance to save time at the auction.
  • The auction will be run with a 20 table system therefore a lot consists of no more than 20 items. Here is how it works: Sellers’ number their items using the letters of the alphabet from A through V (excludes I & O). Label each item with your lot number and item letter starting with table “A”, (eg. Seller #4 and the 2nd item in the lot will be labelled, “4B”). Each item will be placed on the table having the same letter of the alphabet. The auctioneer will sell all items of table “A”, then continue to table “B:, and so on until all items are sold. Only when a seller has more than 20 items will another sellers’ number be required.
  • Once entered, auction item MAY NOT BE WITHDRAWN.
  • Minimum bids will be allowed but may not be changed without the consent of the auctioneer.
  • H&DAS reserves the right to group similar items and sell them at any point in the auction. (eg, grouping 5 bags of ½ lb. of salt).
  • All buyers must register and receive a buyers’ number. H&DAS reserves the right to request identification for buyer’s numbers.
  • Payments by buyers must be made in cash immediately following the item.
  • H&DAS personnel are required to completely enter all table chits at their discretion before allowing anyone to cash out. -eg. Table M needs to be completely entered and checked by HDAS staff before anyone can cash out from that table. We will not cash out in the middle of entering any table information. To ensure everyone gets cashed out quickly, no cashing out after Table S until the remainder of the auction information is entered.
  • H&DAS assumes no liability or responsibility for any items bought or sold, or any personal injury occurring during the event.
  • H&DAS reserves the right to inspect baggage and/or containers upon leaving.
  • No native Ontario fishes will be sold at the auction
  • No sales taxes will be levied on any items sold in the auction.
  • All sales are final and at the discretion of the auctioneer.
  • All monetary transactions are CASH only.

$2.00 to advance an item (must speak with Carla) Bidding starts at $2.00

$2.00 charge for rebagging an item