I hope all H&DAS members are enjoying these milder days of summer.  But on those hot days that are likely to come, have a look at some of the newer social media features we have added for your enjoyment:

  • The forum is now Facebook enabled.  If you already have a forum account, go ahead and link your Facebook account under profile settings.  If you are new to the discussion forum, save yourself some time by just logging in by clicking the Connect to Facebook button.  The H&DAS forum is the official place for community support and news about H&DAS happenings and members.
  • Our gallery is upgrading to use Flickr. In the coming weeks, photos of Auctions, Shows, trips, and Home Shows will still be available on the website, but they will be stored in our Flickr Photostream.  As a special feature for members, photos can now be shared easily to our Flickr Group.  So get out your cameras, log in to Flickr, and start sharing those great pictures!
  • Last, for those Plussers, a Google+ page is set up as yet another place to catch the H&DAS news.  

Plug in, connect your wireless, tap in to what is available from H&DAS this summer!