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President’s Message May

Hi everyone!

Looks like Spring has Sprung! The grass is turning green, tulips and daffodils are doing their thing and we are all busy with our gardens and ponds. It’s such a great time of year.

Big Thank you to Zenin Skomorowski for his program last month on Tetras. I think everyone enjoyed it. And you even had a quiz with a prize! Awesome.

Our program this month will be presented by Jezz. We will be learning about native fish, monster fish, exotic fish and others.

The Jar Show for May will feature Killifish/Betta splendens/AOV. At our June meeting we will be presenting the awards.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen or heard the news. The Hamilton and District Aquarium Society Bulletin is back. Starting this month we will email all paid members a copy of our bulletin. Thank you Mike Majer for taking on this huge project. What can you do to help? Mike will be looking for Breeders Award Program articles and pictures. Mike is volunteering to put the newsletter together but he really needs our help. No matter the size of your article, let’s all help Mike.

Another big Thank you to all our sponsors. NorthFin, Big Al’s Hamilton, Aqueon, Seacham, AquaFloraCanada.

Hope to see you at our meeting on Thursday May 9.



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Steering Committee Report

HDAS Steering Committee Report January 2, 2024

The two members that held the 1st VP and the 2nd VP positions have stepped down for the 2024 term.

Only one nomination was received for each of these ‘open’ positions. Nominations were closed at the end of the December General Meeting break.

Therefore, because both open positions had only one nomination each and both members meet the eligibility requirement, no election is required. The nominated members are acclaimed to these posts.


The HDAS Executive for 2024:

President:                 Carla MacDonald
1st Vice President:    Quinn Purser
2nd Vice President:   Bobby Haralambos
Treasurer:                   Margaret Dent
Recording Secretary: Patricia MacDougall
Past President:           Mike Majer


Our thanks must go out to retiring executive members, Tamera Peattie and James Holland.

To the 2024 HDAS Executive:
Thank you for doing your part to help our club and good luck for a successful, fun-filled year.

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President’s Message February

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Spring? What? Let’s check the calendar. This is February! Wow!

Big thank you our speaker Frank Aguirre for his presentation last month on “Priapellas”. On February 8 our very own expert, Brian Glazier will presenting on Livebearers. Another must see program. The Jar Show will feature Characins/Plants/AOV. How many gift cards have you won! Free fish stuff….

Looking into March our program will be a Fish Craft Night. Catherine will be demonstrating how she makes caves, Quinn will be showing us how to make Breeding Mops and Emily will be showing us how to make some Live Foods. This should be awesome.

Our Spring Show and Auction is on Sat March 23 at the Waterdown Legion. 79 Hamilton St, Waterdown. Doors open at 8am. You can find the Show and Auction forms and rules on our website. We are looking for volunteers to help out at the auction and show. Please let me know if you are available -( ). Successsful auctions and shows are achieved by our volunteers and donations. We thank you for all your support.


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President’s Message January

Happy New Year!

The 2023 H&DAS Executive would like to thank everyone who attended our December Christmas Event. Thank you Noel N for hosting our game. Congratulations to the winners.

Our Neighbour to Neighbour Food Drive was a great success, raising 110 lbs of groceries and $1894.50 in donations! Thank you for all the donations at the raffle table. This event just keeps on getting bigger and better!

Frank Aguirre will be our 1st presenter of 2024. His presentation is on “Priapellas” or commonly known as Olmecan Blue Eyes. Did you know that Frank is the President of CAOAC- the Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs?

Our Spring Show and Auction is on Saturday, March 23rd at the Waterdown Legion. Start getting your beautiful “Show” fish ready to win some cash. We are looking for volunteers to help us out. Please remember that many hands make light work.

Mike M picked up the New H&DAS T-shirts this week. If you haven’t yet paid for your shirt, you can pay at the meeting ($20).

Please remember to bring your fish for the Jar Show. Rainbow/Dwarf Cichlids/AOV.

Hope to see you Thursday!



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President’s message December

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

Is everyone ready for Christmas? Have you got your shopping done? 

Thank you Haydn Pounder for your presentation last month on Guppies. What an amazing program and thank you for all the information.

Our Thursday, December 14 meeting is our Holiday Event and will feature our Neighbour to Neighbour Food Drive. It’s our way of helping others during the holiday season. We ask that you bring a few non perishable food items to help support. Noel will be back with a Fish related game for us all to enjoy. Do you have your Kahoot app downloaded. 

We will have a raffle table set up with items kindly donated by the membership. These do not need to be Fish related items. Even a dozen Christmas Cookies makes a great item for this table. We will have books from our library for sale. All money raised will be matched by the club. We will be providing pizza and wings for the break. If you’d like to bring something to share(desert for example) please do so. 

We will have the mini auction and monthly Jar Show – Swordtails/Minnows/any other variety.

Are you interested in joining our executive? Nominations are due by Thurs Dec 14 at the end of the break. Please contact Peter DeSousa if interested.

Our Spring Auction and Show will be on Saturday March 23, 2024 at the Waterdown Legion. Please consider helping us out for a few hours. Many hands makes less work for us all. 

Big Thank you to all our sponsors. We really appreciate your help:

Big Al’s Hamilton
Tropical Fish Room
Rainforest Pets
Northfin Fish Food
Finest Pets
Bobby G’s


Merry Christmas!



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President’s Message November

Hi everyone!
Thank you Peter for your “Killie” program last month. It was really informative. Haydn Pounder will be presenting a program on “Guppies” at the meeting on Thurs Nov 9. Haydn is a very experienced Guppy expert, a IKGH Judge and will be the Head Judge at the World Guppy Show that’s being held here in Canada.

Our Fall Auction was a success with many hobbyists attending from the area and beyond. Thank you to those that come out and helped to support. It takes many volunteers to help run these events. We could sure use a few more hands so please consider helping us out. Also a big thank you to Big Al’s for their kind Donation and all the vendors that supported the auction.

Our December 14 meeting is about Giving Back to our community. We chose to help Neighbour to Neighbour years ago, as there are many families that need help during the holiday season. We ask that everyone please bring a few non-perishable food items or make a cash donation. We will also have a raffle table with items (items kindly donated by the membership). These items do not need to be fish related. All money raised will be matched by the club to help support our friends at N2N. Noel will be back with a Fish related Game. We will share Pizza and Wings during our break. Please sign up if you will be attending.

Remember to bring your Jar Show entries – Shrimps/Barbs/any other variety.



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President’s Message October

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s hard to believe we are into Fall when it was so warm last week. Mother Nature finally finally caught up to the season. Many of you I’m sure are tidying up ponds and moved some outdoor fish back inside.
Thank you Mike Majer for your presentation last month – the Hobby vs the Pandemic. I’m seeing that you’re starting another program. Little tidbits of info. Keep us posted.

Our program this month – Thurday October 12th will be about Peter DeSouza’s trip to Cameroon. I’m looking forward to it.

Danios, Labyrinth Fishes (non-Betta), and any other variety are this month’s Jar Show entries. Remember 1st prize is $30, 2nd is $20 and 3rd is $10 gift cards. So bring your entries.

Our Fall Auction is this weekend on Saturday October 14th at the Waterdown Legion, 79 Hamilton St.
We could use some help as events like this take many hands. We will have some volunteer prize draws so don’t miss out. Please come out and support the club. We have some vendors coming out this weekend too. Fins and Scales Hatchery, Cat’s Caves, Rainforest Pets and Big Al’s have offered to come out and wow you. If you’re interested in a table, please let me know.
You can contact Margaret if you’d like to pre-register for the auction or pick up your sheets at the meeting.
Hope to see you this week.


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President’s Message September

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re all having a great summer. It looks like we’ve all been cutting a lot of green grass with the rain we’ve had. The cooler mornings and evenings are telling us that Fall is very close. And here we go again, kids back to school and H&DAS starting back with its 23/24 season.

Our guest Speaker on Thursday September 14th will be Peter DeSouza giving us a full presentation on his travels in Cameroon. There will also be a Jar Show with Tetras and Corydoras as the Show Classes. Prizes are 1st – $30, 2nd – $20 and 3rd – $10 gift cards.

Pet Expo is September 16 and 17th at the Toronto International Center. I have some weekend passes available to anyone wanting to come out and volunteer for a few hours either day. I will need to know if you’d like a pass by September 1st. There will be many speakers including Chris Biggs, Joey Mullen, Jeff Cardwell, Jennifer Williams, Therese Neal and more. There is an Aquascape Contest, 4th Canadian Biotope Contest, Presidents Tank Challenge. Many aquatic vendors and CAOAC Tropical Fish Show, TransCanada Guppy Show and Auction, Betta Breeders Canada Show and Auction. If you’d like tickets go to the CAOAC website for discounted pricing.

The H&DAS Fall Auction will be on Saturday October 14th at the Waterdown Legion. We will also have an area for Vendors. The cost per table is $35. Please contact me if you’re interested.


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President’s Message June

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to thank Jessica Bullock for her fascinating program “From the literature to the lab; adventures in cichlid research”. Our June speaker will be Randy Seufert. Randy’s program “The Little Catfish” looks at the 4 families of small catfish with hints of how to sex, breed, and raise them.
If you can’t attending our meeting in person please email us by 6pm on Thursday, June 8th at for a link to the zoom meeting.

Our Fall Auction will be on Saturday, October 14th at the Waterdown Legion. We will have room for 6 vendor’s tables. The cost will be $35 per table. Please let me know if you’re interested.

The Annual CAOAC Convention will be held with Pet Expo at the Toronto International Center, 6900 Airport Rd, Mississauga – Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17.
* Hotel Info – we have blocked off some rooms at a discounted rate at the Monte Carlo Inn, 45 Coventry Rd, Brampton. This is 10 minutes to the Pet Expo. Tickets can be purchased thru the for a discounted price.

*CAOAC Banquet on Sat night at the hotel. Dinner is $55

Pet Expo Attractions:
– Meet Chris “The Mad Aquarist” Biggs
– 4th Canadian Biotope Contest 2023 – we would like to welcome 10 participants to our competition. Each participant will receive a 10 gallon tank with light and hanging filter. This package is yours to keep from the organizers of Pet Expo. If you’d like to participate please send an email to – – attention Frank Aguirre
– Aquascaping Competition
– Trans Canada Guppy Group – show and auction
– Betta Breeders Canada – show and auction
– CAOAC show and auction
– speakers to be announced

*Presidents Tank Challenge*
We’ve asked each CAOAC club to participate in an aquascaping challenge. There’s nothing better than a little competition. There’s also nothing better than watching a group of people fascinated by a beautiful tank. So let’s get all the clubs involved. I’m thinking 20 gallon tanks. Prizes include bragging rights of course, trophy and more. Please let me know if your interested

Hope to see you at the meeting on Thurs!


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President’s Message May

Hi Everyone,

Looks like we might have Spring!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and those of us with ponds and outdoor fish style accessories are excited to get them up and going. I’m one of those people.

I’d like to send out a big thank you to our guest speaker last month Oscar Virgilio for his program on Brackish Aquaria. Our very own Jessica Bullock will be presenting this month. “From the literature to the lab; adventures in cichlid research. An aquarist’s perspective of how fish are studied and used in science.” I’m sure Jessica will have us all asking lots of questions. I can’t wait!

We are going to be presenting our program this month on Zoom for anyone that can’t make it to our meeting. If you would like the information to attend on Zoom please send your request to

Save the date:

Canadian Pet Expo – Saturday September 16 and Sunday September 17 at the International Center

It’s 4 expos under 1 roof: Canadian Pet Expo, Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo, Canadian Aquatic Expo, and Plant Expo.

Saturday October 14, 2023 – Hamilton & District Aquarium Society Fall Auction

We hope to see you at the meeting on Thursday, the meeting starts at 7:30 sharp.


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