Hi Everyone!

Wow, just look at spring.  Its been pretty crazy from what I hear.  I was in Florida for about 10 days and the weather was great there.  It was 28 when I left here but I understand it got cold here and rained, hailed………just crazy.  My ponds are looking for some love and I better be getting to work on that before the fish jump out.  The ponds are clear but need some help.  They have that winter haze to contend with.  I have some new rocks I want to add to the waterfall.  I just love the spring and how everything transforms so quickly.
I’d like to thank Walter Murfin for his great presentation on Salt water fish and tank set up.  I’ll give you a call for some help when I’m ready.  I’d like to thank everyone for their help with our spring auction on Sat. March 17.  It was a great success.  I wasn’t too sure how a Saturday was going to work out for us but it was great.  Thank you all for coming out and helping, buying and selling.  It was a totally great day.
Our presentation this month is the Home Show.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s tanks.  Who will win the People’s Choice Award this year.  This has to be one of our most special presentations.  It is always very rewarding to see everyones hard work and beautiful tanks.  I hope to see everyone at the meeting.