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President’s Message May

Hi Everyone! Happy Spring!

I hope everyone is staying safe! We will be continuing our monthly meetings Via Zoom. Last month we had our members’ Show & Tell. Really nice set ups!

This Month on May 13th at 7:30pm we have the privilege of having Mo Devlin as our guest speaker. Most of us have undoubtedly seen Mo’s fantastic aquarium photography.  Mo will be presenting ‘Smile, Fish’, an overview on taking photos of tropical fish.

Due to Ontario’s current stay-at-home order, we are suspending the approval of all sales posts in our Facebook and Band groups. Only posts from our sponsors who are staying open with curbside pick-up will be allowed! Public health and safety come first, and we do not wish to implicitly encourage gatherings through private sales at this time.
Hobbyist sales posts will be allowed once the stay at home order has been lifted.

Pond Season is here! Enjoy your backyard with a pond or a barrel!
You know you don’t have to put only goldfish or koi in your barrels. You can put other species like guppies, swordtails, rainbows etc. Visit our sponsors for your pond supplies.


The Tropical Fishroom, you can call 519-756-6225 or Facebook message them to place your order .

Big Al’s Hamilton. You can call 905-560-1000. Follow the message prompts to you find the right department. Their phone lines might be busy so keep trying or visit the website to place your order at

Finatics Aquarium- Please call them at 905-565-1232 to arrange your curbside pick-up.


If you’d like to join or renew your membership by visit us at . We have an electronic version membership that you can keep on your phone or print it out. By joining you get the bonus of receiving 10% Off at The Tropical Fish Room in Brantford and all aquatic stuff at Big Al’s Hamilton. All new memberships and those valid as of March 2020 will remain on hold  until we resume meetings in person, when expiry dates will be rolled forward.

The Canadian Association of Aquarium Club website is up and running. Visit

Please stay safe!
Mike Majer

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President’s Message March

Hope everyone is doing well.

We are still not going to be having our in-person meetings or live auctions due to this nasty pandemic.

I would like to thank Randy Seufert for our February Presentation on Catfish on our Zoom Meeting!

This month we have Shane Linder! Shane may be familiar to you as the author behind Shane’s World on PlanetCatfish. He will be speaking to us on March 11th at 7:30pm. He will be talking to us on Collecting in Uganda.  If you are a paid member, an email we be sent out for your invitation.

Our April Zoom Meeting will be a member Show & Tell! Share your fishroom or favourite aquarium and let us know what you’ve been up to!

If you are not a member you may try a meeting before joining. Contact for more info.


You can join or renew your memberships by following this link You will receive an electronic version of our membership.


Our Band App is up and running again. You can buy and sell your fish or equipment. Click here to join our Band App page.

We are Opened!

Our Amazing Sponsors Tropical Fish Room and Big Al’s Hamilton are now opened! They will have a limited capacity of customers to enter their stores. Please support them and follow the rules for visiting their establishments.


Canadian Association of Aquarium Club  website is up and running. Visit

Please stay safe!

Mike Majer

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President’s Message February

Hello Everyone

This Pandemic – it just wont go away. We are still not going to have our in-person monthly meetings or our shows/auctions .

Our monthly meetings will still be taking place online via Zoom.

Due to computer issues, there will not be a bulletin for this month.

I’d like to thank Rick Borstein for an amazing presentation of “Sixty Tips in 60 Minutes”. We all learned some neat tricks from it, I bet some of us have used some already!

This month Randy Seufert will be our guest zoom speaker. Randy’s program is “The Little Catfish”. Randy is from New Boston, New York has been guest speaker for H&DAS in the past. This should be an amazing presentation that you don’t want to miss. Paid members will get an email invite for the presentation. If you are not a paid member, you can request an invite by email to . Due to the stay at home rule, there will be no prizes given out. Dont worry, when this is lifted will be having amazing prizes.


If you’d like to join or renew your membership  visit us at . We have an electronic version of the membership card that you can keep on your phone or print it out. By joining you get these privileges. Receive 10% Off at Tropical Fish Room in Brantford and all aquatic stuff at Big Als Hamilton.

Sponsors Spotlight

Due to this pandemic, our amazing sponsors are only opened for curbside pick up only.

Big Als Hamilton- You can make online orders at or you can call them at 905-560-1000.

Tropical Fish Room- You can call them at 1-519-765-6225. You can find and follow them on Facebook at .

Everyone please stay safe!


Mike Majer, President

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President’s Message January

Happy New Years Everyone!

I hope everyone had a safe Holiday Season. This Pandemic is like having the worst case of Ick in your aquarium. It just wont go away. We are still not going to have our in-person monthly meetings or our shows/auctions .

Our monthly meetings will still be taking place online via Zoom.

I’d like to thank Frank Aguirre for an amazing presentation last month on Breeding Angel Fish. This month on January 14th, our Special Guest is Rick Borstein from Chicago. He will be giving us a talk on “60 tips in 60 mins” . There will be some DIY tips that you might not of think of.

2021-2022 Executive

Our Elections are over and I am happy to say there are no changes to our Executive:

President Mike Majer
1st Vice President Steve Fyfe
2nd Vice President Rob Chatelain
Treasurer Margaret Dent
Recording Secretary Patricia MacDougall
Past President Carla MacDonald  

Neighbour to Neighbour

We Like to Thank everyone who donated towards or N2N fundraiser. Right now with this pandemic, it’s very tough for everyone. Especially for families that need our help.

Curbside Pick Ups

With the restrictions that the Ontario Government has given us, our main sponsors have to operate their businesses by Curbside Pick-Up.

Big Als Hamilton – You can go to their website at www.bigalshamilton,ca to place your orders or give them a call at 905-560-1000. The phone lines might be busy, so please keep on trying.

 Tropical Fish Room – You can give Jerry a call at 519-756-6225 for your aquatic needs.

New Members

If you would like to join H&DAS, you might want to visit our website at  www.hdas,ca .

 Just want to ask everyone, to please be safe!


Mike Majer


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President’s Message November

Hello Everyone
We hope everyone is being safe! This pandemic has taken this hobby into another level. As you all know we have been doing monthly Zoom meetings these past few months with some amazing speakers!


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President’s Message October

Happy Fall Everyone!

Due to the government regulations and for the safety of everyone, our meetings and auctions are postponed due to COVID-19.

With technology these days, we have been having successful meetings via Zoom! Last month was show and tell time! Some of our members let us see their amazing fishrooms and aquariums.

This month we have a special guest speaker joining us on Zoom. Coming all the way from Tulsa Oklahoma its Gerald Griffin. Gerald’s knowledge in the hobby is amazing. He will be speaking to us on Evolution and Taxonomy. How are species named? How are species classified? What makes something a species while something else similar is not? We will explore these questions and discuss the taxonomy and evolution of fish. This one you don’t want to miss!


I just want to say a special thank you to my fellow executive members. We have been trying are hardest to come up with special guest speakers and making our zoom meetings more interactive.


Its the time of year that we announce the elections are coming up! If you would like to join or run against any of our executive positions please let me know by emailing me at


We are so close to finalizing our electronic version of our membership cards. If you need to renew your card or would like to join us please click on the link below.

Join here .

During this pandemic our amazing Sponsors at Big Al’s Hamilton and The Tropical Fish Room have been allowing Aquarium Society discounts on mwmberships that expire in 2020. As soon as our electronic version is active, this will no longer be valid.

When you receive your electronic version some rules will be applied. For example, if you show your membership card on your phone, you will have to show ID to confirm that is you. Sharing your memberships will not be tolerated.


Our Band App is still active. If you need to sell equipment or some fish or plants , please Click this link to join us.


If you are overstocked on fish or plants, give one of our sponsors a call. You might be able to get store credit towards new stock or supplies.

Tropical Fish Room – 1-519-756-6225

Big Als Hamilton- 905-560-1000 ext 3

On behalf of the H&DAS executive and myself, we would like say please be safe during this 2nd wave of COVID-19.

Thank You

Mike Majer

President, H&DAS

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President’s Message September

Hi Everyone!
I hope everyone is well!

Just want to thank everyone who joined us on our Zoom Meeting. It was Show and Tell time! A lot of you were keeping busy during this Pandemic with your fishrooms, they looked amazing!

Our next scheduled meeting is on October 8th at 7:30pm. Our Special Guest will be Gerald Griffin from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Gerald is the Judging Board Chair at International Betta Congress. He is former President of the International Betta Congress. He has been to Canada a few times during CAOAC Conventions and even fell in love with Tim Hortons while he was here!  He is a super nice guy and his knowledge of Bettas is out standing.
Gerald will be speaking to us on Piscine Evolution and Taxonomy.

Meetings and Auctions
Our in-person meetings and auctions are still postponed at this time. Our meeting location and the Legion are not available for social gatherings, which is understandable. We won’t be taking any chances; we worry about everyone’s safety and health.

During this time, our amazing sponors The Tropical Fishroom and Big Al’s Hamilton will honor expired memberships that expire in the year 2020.
We are currently working on a PDF format membership card so you can renew your membership or join the club online and still receive a card. These memberships can be printed or mailed to you if you don’t have access to a printer.

Band App
Our Band Group is up and running! If you need to sell any fish or equipment you can! If you need access to our group, download the Band App and join “Hamilton & District Aquarium Society Buy & Sell Group”.

Mike Majer
President of HDAS

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President’s Message April

Hi everyone

Just a reminder that our meeting for this month is cancelled.

Some of our Local fish shops are still open; please call them to see their restrictions before visiting.

Please everyone stay safe. Only go get your essentials that you need.

Mike Majer
Email president@hdas

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President’s Message March

Happy March everyone.

Its been a busy few months for us. Some of our executive have been occupied with personal issues.

Just want to thank Peter DeSouza for an amazing presentation on Bettas. I am seeing a lot of members trying to breed bettas now, I wish them luck!

For our March 12th meeting we have Oscar Virgilio presenting on Stingrays!
Please Click the Link below for more information.

Saturday March 14th is our Spring Show and Auction!
All Club Proceeds will go to Australian Conservation Foundation! Please Click the link below for more information.

Don’t forget April 25th. We have Chris Biggs as our Guest Dinner Speaker! Get your Tickets Today!
Please click the link below for more information.

May 1st to the 3rd
CAOAC Convention!
Click the link below for more information!

See you Soon
Mike Majer

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President’s Message October

President’s Message October

Hello Everyone

I want to thank Zenin Skomorowski for an amazing presentation on Loaches in September. This month we have Haydn Pounder talking about quarantining your fish properly.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves at our Fall Auction! I would like to thank my Auction Chair, Carla MacDonald, for once again putting on an amazing auction. To my fellow excutive – Thank you for all the hard work and dedication for the auction.

To all the runners, kitchen staff, and other helpers, thank you so much for your help!

To Jerry Draper and Bob Wright, our auctioneers, again an amazing job and thank you for your time.

To our sponsors..
Big Als Hamilton
Big Als Canada
Aquarium Direct
Finatics Aquarium

Your donations were amazing! We really appreciate your support towards H&DAS.

CAOAC Convention 2020 will be hosted by Durham Region Aquarium Society May 1st to the 3rd. It will be held in Burlington at the Holiday Inn again. This year’s theme is Thunder Down Under in the Great White North, focused on Rainbowfish. They’ve arranged a great line-up of speakers, click below for more info

Mike Majer
President of H&DAS


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