Hi Everyone and Happy Valentines Day

Have you checked our “Hamilton and District Aquarium Society” on Facebook. If you haven’t you should. We will try to keep everyone just a little bit more informed with Facebook. The spring auction and show is set for Saturday, March 23. Remember to mark that date on your calendar and try to give us a hand. It takes many hands to make the auction and show work. There is a place for everyone that is willing to volunteer a few hours. And truly appreciated too.
Thank you Joe B for your presentation on your trip to Sri Lanka. It was really nice to see how the locals value the sea turtles and work to ensure their survival. Hope your taking more pictures on this trip. The program for this month will be presented to us by Adian Haigh on reptiles including the Ball Python. Adrian will be bringing a few of his friends for us to enjoy but no touching.
The Home Show Team is making plans to get your tank photos and judging your tanks. Its not too late to sign up so make sure you do at the next meeting. This presentation will be in April.
I have received some really wonderful pond photos from many of you. Please continue to do so. I’m putting the program together and I look forward to many pictures. Its so nice to see everyones ponds. We are also looking into visiting Moores Water Gardens in June. There will be a sign up sheet at the next meeting.

Hope to see you all at the meeting.