Happy Spring Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well.

We are still not going to be having our in-person meetings or live auctions due to this crazy pandemic.

I would like to thank Shane Linder for a great presentation on collecting fish in Uganda. It’s interesting how people live in other countries and how they collect fish.

For the month of April, we are having our virtual home show/show and tell of members fishrooms and aquaria. We had this kind of meeting about a year ago and it was amazing to see how different hobbyists maintain their fishrooms or aquariums. Each member who wishes to share will have a time frame that will be given out to show off their stuff! The meeting will be held on Thursday April 8th at 7:30pm.

If you are a paid member, an email we be sent with your zoom invitation – this meeting is for members only.

If you wish to join H&DAS, you can pay online here: https://hdas.ca/membership. All memberships valid as of March 2020 will be kept on hold until we begin meeting in person again.



Our group on the Band app is up and running; here you can buy and sell your fish or equipment. Click here to join our Band group:




Stores are still open! But to limited capacity…… Again.

Our Amazing Sponsors The Tropical Fish Room and Big Al’s Hamilton are still open! They will have a limited capacity of customers to enter their stores. Please support them and follow their rules for entry to their establishments.


Pond Season

Pond Season is almost here! Thinking about putting a pond or few barrels out? Big Al’s Hamilton just got their pond supplies in. You know you don’t have to put only goldfish or koi in your barrels. You can put other species – for example, a few years ago I had an above ground preformed pond. I put about a dozen Red Velvet swords in it. I had a filter running and I had a waterfall on there, too. I had water hyacinths covering 80% of the surface. I actually never fed the fish until August; I let them eat the insect larvae that occurred naturally. Well I put in a dozen fish and by August I had about 100 with the most amazing colors.

You should try it!



The Canadian Association of Aquarium Club website is up and running. Visit www.caoac.ca.


Please stay safe!

Mike Majer