Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Spring? What? Let’s check the calendar. This is February! Wow!

Big thank you our speaker Frank Aguirre for his presentation last month on “Priapellas”. On February 8 our very own expert, Brian Glazier will presenting on Livebearers. Another must see program. The Jar Show will feature Characins/Plants/AOV. How many gift cards have you won! Free fish stuff….

Looking into March our program will be a Fish Craft Night. Catherine will be demonstrating how she makes caves, Quinn will be showing us how to make Breeding Mops and Emily will be showing us how to make some Live Foods. This should be awesome.

Our Spring Show and Auction is on Sat March 23 at the Waterdown Legion. 79 Hamilton St, Waterdown. Doors open at 8am. You can find the Show and Auction forms and rules on our website. We are looking for volunteers to help out at the auction and show. Please let me know if you are available -( auctions@hdas.ca ). Successsful auctions and shows are achieved by our volunteers and donations. We thank you for all your support.