Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s hard to believe we are into Fall when it was so warm last week. Mother Nature finally finally caught up to the season. Many of you I’m sure are tidying up ponds and moved some outdoor fish back inside.
Thank you Mike Majer for your presentation last month – the Hobby vs the Pandemic. I’m seeing that you’re starting another program. Little tidbits of info. Keep us posted.

Our program this month – Thurday October 12th will be about Peter DeSouza’s trip to Cameroon. I’m looking forward to it.

Danios, Labyrinth Fishes (non-Betta), and any other variety are this month’s Jar Show entries. Remember 1st prize is $30, 2nd is $20 and 3rd is $10 gift cards. So bring your entries.

Our Fall Auction is this weekend on Saturday October 14th at the Waterdown Legion, 79 Hamilton St.
We could use some help as events like this take many hands. We will have some volunteer prize draws so don’t miss out. Please come out and support the club. We have some vendors coming out this weekend too. Fins and Scales Hatchery, Cat’s Caves, Rainforest Pets and Big Al’s have offered to come out and wow you. If you’re interested in a table, please let me know.
You can contact Margaret if you’d like to pre-register for the auction or pick up your sheets at the meeting.
Hope to see you this week.