Hello everyone!

It’s a cool crisp morning as I sit writing my message. So much is happening around the club before Christmas. If you can help, or need anything, let me know.
First I’ll tell you about my exciting trip to Virginia. I went to the Catfish Convention in Fairfax, Virginia. It was a really good time. Five days of hobbyists sharing information about all types of adventures. I went on an adventure myself with our group of 24 to check out some tropical fish stores and Discus Hans importing. First off, we had the wrong address in Baltimore for Discus Hans and ended up at his home. His wife was nice enough to meet us out on the road and escort us to his business. He has some amazing discus at his warehouse and it was very impressive. Of course, Ron W and Joe B had to buy discus as that’s their area of expertise. The arrangement was pick them up later. Too many days for them to sit in a bag. We went to two other fantastic fish stores and we all picked up fish. I got some really nice red highfin venezalian catfish. I let Robin P take care of them as he had airline, and I only lost 1 fish before coming home. I can’t say that everyone else was so lucky. We all had a great day!

Oh, did I mention the traffic? Its just crazy in that neck of the woods. We are just outside Washington and the highways are worse than Toronto. We did make it back to the hotel but we were late for dinner and the speaker. They had fish room sales at the hotel that night along with 2 hospitality suites. Everyone from the 22 represented states and the 18 Canadians were mingling. Just a great time. Of course, we had to go back to Discus Hans place to pick up our fish so we decided that Sunday evening was probably better than Monday morning traffic thru Washington. Another great choice as Discus Hans was very generous with his time, knowledge, experiences and he and his lovely wife Joanne took Ron, Regis, Joe and myself out for a great dinner. I had the crab imperial and it was super. You have to have crab in Maryland.

The guys got their discus and I picked up some really nice Cardinal Tetras. My tetras all survived the trip. Its one of my favourite trips, although I am going to the Ohio Cichlid Convention November 19 to 21. Again, a really great weekend with hobbyists.

Now, onto our stuff. I’d like to thank Ken Boorman for his presentation last month on Rainbows. This months presentation is being done by our own Sue Buchan on Dwarf African Frogs. I’m looking forward to this as its something different for sure. If you would like to make a presentation, please let Joe B or myself know.

We have Charley Grimes coming to do a presentation for us on Saturday November 13 at the Legion in Waterdown. Tickets are still available til almost the last minute at $25. The dinner is absolutely fantastic! The presentations start at 5pm, cocktails at 6 with time to mingle, dinner at 7, prizes to be won, another presentation at 8:30. Charley is one of my favourite speakers. This is one program you really need to come and enjoy. Debate no longer and come have fun with a great group of people.

Our December program is all about Christmas. We will have some games, fun and have a fish table raffle to help make some money for others less fortunate than ourselves. Its a great feeling to give something back to the community. We will have a neighbour to neighbour food drive. Please bring all non perishable items that night and I will ensure they get there. We will also have pizza and wings served that evening so bring your appetite. If you would like to bring a treat to share, please let Sarah L know in advance. As well, if you have something for the fish table raffle, please let Sarah L know.
That’s it for now, please contact me for tickets if you need them.