Happy Holidays Everyone
It’s been a very tough few years for everyone due to COVID and its restrictions. I miss seeing everyone and thank you who all who have come to visit me at the store. Due to restrictions we still can not have in-person meetings and auctions due to venue restrictions.

I want to thank Rick Borstein for his amazing presentation on Livebearers for last month’s Zoom meeting. Thank you to James Holland from Big Al’s Hamilton for explaining the high phosphate issues in Hamilton tapwater and how to treat it.

This month we are going to have a laid back fish chit-chat Zoom Meeting. We can catch up with each other and talk about anything fish related. So mark it on your calendar on December 9th at 7:30pm, grab yourself a nice beverage and join us. An email will be sent out or if you want to join in you can email us at info@hdas.ca.

Last Call!
If you would like to join the H&DAS executive, all positions are open. If there are multiple nominations or requests for a position a vote will take place. If you would like to join or nominate someone please email president@hdas.ca or info@hdas.ca.

Please support our sponsors The Tropical Fishroom and Big Al’s Hamilton this Holiday Season. It’s been hard to get items because so much is on back order. Due to shipping issues it might be hard to get products, so stock up where you can. It might be a bumpy ride in the new year.

New Sponsor in the New Year!
I have been in contact with Global Pets on Fennel and Upper Gage. They will be giving 10% off the entire store. They do have a small aquatic drygoods section. It’s this Global location only. I will be notifying you when it’s ok to use your membership discount , so please don’t try now until I give the go-ahead.

If your membership has expired March 2020 and later, your membership is still valid and can be used for the discounts. If you would like to join H&DAS. Go to our website at www.hdas.ca. Click on the link.
Our Band App is still up and going. So please use it to sell your equipment and fish. Rumor has it Facebook is going to be more strict on what you post in the new year.

President wants to Know?
Thank you for everyone who participated in all the President wants to Know polls on our Facebook page. I hope you enjoy them. If you have an idea of a poll you can email me at present@hdas.ca.

Wishing Everyone a safe and Happy Holidays.
Mike Majer