I hope everyone is well and getting ready for this Holiday Season.

I want to thank Brian Glazier for great presentation on Swordtails last month. And showing us how to  enter a fish towards Breeders Awards Program.

This month is our Holiday Party!

An email has been sent out to all paid members to get a confirmation if your coming and how many people. If you haven’t received an email, please email us at info@hdas.ca .

We have games very generously arranged by Noel, he always brings something fun for us.
Our raffle table will have amazing items, bring something to donate; items do not need to be aquarium-related. All money raised on our raffle table will go towards to Neighbour-to-Neighbour. H&DAS will match the money raised during the party and add to the donation.

Our Books are still for sale. Again, all Money raised on book will go towards N2N.

As you know our 1st VP Steve Fyfe has stepped down from his position. I also want to announce that our 2nd VP Rob Chatelain has stepped down from his position. I would like to thank them both for their dedication towards the club.

I would like to announce that I Mike Majer will not be running for President next term. As you all know that I am battling some health issues, in the upcoming new year I will be having procedures done that will need time to heal. Don’t worry. I will not be like the US past presidents and go into hiding. I will still be around in a way or form and be the pain as normal.

I would like to thank my executive and board members for all their hard work and dedication towards the club.

To all you Club members.
On behalf of Steve, Rob and Myself. Thank you for support of H&DAS. The club wouldn’t be around without your dedication towards the hobby.

Now saying this, We will be having an election in January. All nominations will close at this month’s meeting. If you would like to nominate someone or yourself please email me or at info@hdas.ca..

There will be more posted on the Elections soon.

Don’t forget to visit our sponsors this holiday season:
The Tropical Fishroom
Big Al’s Hamilton
Planted Aquaria
Finest Pets
Rainforest Pets and Reptiles
Please follow the guidelines on getting your club discount. You must have a valid membership to get your discount and please follow each of our sponsor’s rules.

Again I just want to thank everyone.

Mike Majer