Hi Everyone
Due to this nasty case of Ick (Pandemic), our in-person meetings and auctions are still on hold.

I’d like to thank Peter DeSouza for an informative presentation on Bettas last month. Bettas are amazing! The different breeds and colors available these days are outstanding.

On February 10th at 7:30pm we have a special guest speaker. This guest is in multiple YouTube videos,  he is know as “The Master Breeder”. It’s Dean Tweeddale! The Washington native has been breeding fish for a long time. He will be doing a presentation on Raising Fry. His amazing way is very interesting and after watching it, you will be doing the same. So don’t miss this one!
Members will be getting an email with the Zoom information and if any guests would like to join us please email us at info@hdas.ca.

President wants to know?
I’d like to thank everyone who has participated in my Facebook Polls ” President wants to know”. I will try keep up with interesting Polls much as I can.

Product Shortages
If you go into your Local Fish Store you might notice some empty spots on the shelves. Due to this Pandemic it’s been hard to get few products. I have had other stores from the area contact me to see if we had something in stock as they can’t get it. I know I have been trying to keep my shelves stocked as much as I can and I bet Jerry at The Tropical Fishroom is as well. So please, if something is not in stock it’s not our fault. We are trying!

Band App
Our Band app is still up and going. Here you can buy and sell your fish or equipment. Since the are no hobbyist sales of livestock permitted on Facebook. Click here to join our Band group:


If you’d like to join or renew your membership, visit us at https://hdas.ca/membership . We have an electronic version membership card that you can keep on your phone or print out. By joining you get to receive 10% Off at Tropical Fish Room in Brantford and all aquatic stuff at Big Als Hamilton.

The Canadian Association of Aquarium Club website is up and running. Visit www.caoac.ca.

Please stay safe!
Mike Majer