Happy New Years Everyone!

I hope everyone had a safe Holiday Season. This Pandemic is like having the worst case of Ick in your aquarium. It just wont go away. We are still not going to have our in-person monthly meetings or our shows/auctions .

Our monthly meetings will still be taking place online via Zoom.

I’d like to thank Frank Aguirre for an amazing presentation last month on Breeding Angel Fish. This month on January 14th, our Special Guest is Rick Borstein from Chicago. He will be giving us a talk on “60 tips in 60 mins” . There will be some DIY tips that you might not of think of.

2021-2022 Executive

Our Elections are over and I am happy to say there are no changes to our Executive:

President Mike Majer president@hdas.ca
1st Vice President Steve Fyfe info@hdas.ca
2nd Vice President Rob Chatelain  info@hdas.ca
Treasurer Margaret Dent info@hdas.ca
Recording Secretary Patricia MacDougall info@hdas.ca
Past President Carla MacDonald  

Neighbour to Neighbour

We Like to Thank everyone who donated towards or N2N fundraiser. Right now with this pandemic, it’s very tough for everyone. Especially for families that need our help.

Curbside Pick Ups

With the restrictions that the Ontario Government has given us, our main sponsors have to operate their businesses by Curbside Pick-Up.

Big Als Hamilton – You can go to their website at www.bigalshamilton,ca to place your orders or give them a call at 905-560-1000. The phone lines might be busy, so please keep on trying.

 Tropical Fish Room – You can give Jerry a call at 519-756-6225 for your aquatic needs.

New Members

If you would like to join H&DAS, you might want to visit our website at  www.hdas,ca .

 Just want to ask everyone, to please be safe!


Mike Majer