Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing holiday!

Hear we go again…… This on-going pandemic has put a halt on our in-person meetings and auctions once again. And with the way the governments restrictions are going, it might be awhile.

We are starting the New Year Zoom Meeting in a Betta way! Peter DeSouza will be doing a presentation on Bettas. Join us on Thursday January 13th at 7:30pm. Peter, who is a longtime H&DAS member, is a certified judge with The International Betta Congress (IBC) . He also vice-president of CAOAC (Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs).

You Betta join us.

Working in the retail aspect of the hobby, I’ve noticed some changes in this past few years cause of COVID. Yes some of you have shut down your fishroom or cut down on the tanks you have, but in the retail end of it I am watching the hobby grow. I’ve seen a lot of families buy aquariums these past few years. As they tell me, it’s something to do during lockdowns. They love it! I have seen families start with a 20 gallon kit for the kids. They enjoy it so much that they have bought bigger aquariums and multiple ones too. A lot have had interests in joining H&DAS and have joined us on our Facebook Page. So if you get a message or question from someone, be nice and help them out.

If you have been going to your local fish store you may have noticed shortages on livestock and supplies lately. Its been hard getting livestock when your shipment gets bumped to a day or a week later. Cargo space has been limited. On the supplies, the shipping container prices have gone up cause of COVID . From being $5,000 for a container, I’ve heard the prices have gone up to $25,000 or more now. Ships are stuck in the Ocean waiting to dock.

Band App
Our Band app is still up and going. On here you can buy and sell your fish or equipment. Since the is no selling of livestock on Facebook. Click here to join our Band group:

Reminder to visit our sponsors The Tropical Fishroom and Big Al’s Hamilton. Support our sponsors.
The membership discount is only for those with memberships valid as of March 2020. Memberships that expired previous to this date will not be honored. The membership card/virtual card must be presented by the membership holder at time of purchase in order to receive the discount. Membership cards may not be shared with friends/family.
Please show respect to our sponsor by honoring the terms of their discount.

The Canadian Association of Aquarium Club website is up and running. Visit www.caoac.ca.

Please stay safe.
Mike Majer