Hope everyone is doing well.

We are still not going to be having our in-person meetings or live auctions due to this nasty pandemic.

I would like to thank Randy Seufert for our February Presentation on Catfish on our Zoom Meeting!

This month we have Shane Linder! Shane may be familiar to you as the author behind Shane’s World on PlanetCatfish. He will be speaking to us on March 11th at 7:30pm. He will be talking to us on Collecting in Uganda.  If you are a paid member, an email we be sent out for your invitation.

Our April Zoom Meeting will be a member Show & Tell! Share your fishroom or favourite aquarium and let us know what you’ve been up to!

If you are not a member you may try a meeting before joining. Contact info@hdas.ca for more info.


You can join or renew your memberships by following this link https://hdas.ca/membership. You will receive an electronic version of our membership.


Our Band App is up and running again. You can buy and sell your fish or equipment. Click here to join our Band App page.

We are Opened!

Our Amazing Sponsors Tropical Fish Room and Big Al’s Hamilton are now opened! They will have a limited capacity of customers to enter their stores. Please support them and follow the rules for visiting their establishments.


Canadian Association of Aquarium Club  website is up and running. Visit www.caoac.ca.

Please stay safe!

Mike Majer