Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing ok. As you know the government has lifted some restrictions, but out of caution  the church where we have our monthly meetings are not allowing any functions at this time.

I would like to thank Dean Tweeddale for an informative presentation on raising fry last month. That sure gave us some interesting ideas!

So for this month, we have our dear friend Frank Aguirre speaking to us via Zoom.

His new topic is ‘A day in the life of an aquarist in the city’;
How this works out – Can you live on your hobby beyond the side gig ?

This one will be interesting!

All members will receive an invite via email or you can request to join us by emailing us at info@hdas.ca.

Since the restrictions are lifting, we are planning something fun for the summertime,  and we hope we can start planning our Fall Auction.

A reminder to visit and support our sponsors The Tropical Fishroom and Big Al’s Hamilton.

The membership discount is only for those with memberships valid as of March 2020. Memberships that expired previous to this date will not be honored. The membership card/virtual card must be presented by the membership holder at time of purchase in order to receive the discount. Membership cards may not be shared with friends/family.

Please show respect to our sponsor by honoring the terms of their discount.

If you have been to your local pet shop you might have noticed a lot of empty space. This has been a very rough few years for them getting stock! The pandemic, truckers demonstration, and now the war going on, ships from over seas are having a hard time.
I know every store is trying the hardest.
So please be patient.

Thank you.
Mike Majer