Hi Everyone!
I can’t believe it’s March. It’s such an exciting month. It’s our Spring Show and Auction on Saturday March 25. We would love it if you could volunteer a few hours of your day to help share in a successful event. Just imagine, as a runner you can check out many bags of fish. If you have any questions please check out the hdas.ca site. Both Show and Auction sheets are available there.
I’d like to thank our previous executive – Mike, Steve, Rob, Patricia and Margaret for their hard work and additional years of commitment to our club. It’s not an easy task getting anything done during a pandemic but you helped by keeping our expertise and knowledge top level. Thank you all!
I always welcome Larry Johnson and his Lake Malawi program. We were thoroughly treated by your double program. I’m thankful you were able to return to your favourite place and in turn shared your trip with us.
Another favourite hobbyist will be entertaining us on Thursday March 9 – Frank Aquirre never disappoints with his programs.
The new executive – Tamera, James, Patricia, Margaret and myself look forward to hearing from you. Is there a program you’d like presented, or would you like to be a presenter? Please let us know.
H&DAS President
Auction Chairperson