Hi Everyone!

Unfortunately we still are unable to have in-person meetings at this time due to our meeting locations restrictions. We hope to have in-person meetings soon as we can.

I would like to thank Joshua Wiegert for an informative presentation last month on looking after monster aquariums. This month we have Lawrence Kent from Seattle Washington. Lawrence who travels all over the world looking for wild species of fish, will be join us on Zoom on May 12th at 7:30pm. Lawrence will be speaking to us on Seeking Holy Grail Fish and Friends in West Africa: Tales from Nigeria and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania !

All members will receive an invitation via email. If you are not a member and would like to try a meeting before joining, email us at info@hdas.ca.


Our Band App is still active. If you need to sell equipment or some fish or plants , please Click this link https://band.us/band/77982265 to join us.


Thank you for keep on supporting or Sponsors Tropical Fishroom and Big Als Hamilton. Keep on checking there facebook pages for new arrivals and sales!


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Pond Season is here! Enjoy your backyard with a pond or a water feature.
You know you don’t have to put only goldfish or koi in your barrels. You can put other species like guppies, swordtails, rainbows etc. Visit our Sponsors for your pond supplies.


Thank you,

Mike Majer