Hello Everyone
We hope everyone is being safe! This pandemic has taken this hobby into another level. As you all know we have been doing monthly Zoom meetings these past few months with some amazing speakers!

Last month we had Gerald Griffin, this month we have Mark  Denaro from Pennsylvania as our guest speaker. On Thursday,  November 12th, Mark will be speaking to us on The Namesakes – biographical information about some of the people who have had fish named after them or who have been influential in ichthyology.
We are still not having in person meetings or auctions at this time.
There will be a special email coming out this month to only paid members. It’s a surprise!
If you would like to run for an excutive postion please email me at president@hdas.ca.  You have until the start of the December Zoom meeting to submit your nomination.
We are so close to finalizing our electronic version of our membership cards. If you need to renew your card or would like to join us please follow the link below.
https://hdas.ca/membership .
During this pandemic our amazing sponsors at Big Al’s Hamilton and The Tropical Fish Room have been allowing Aquarium Society discounts for those holding memberships that expire in 2020. As soon as our electronic version is active, this will no longer be valid.
When you receive your electronic version some rules will be applied. For example, if you show your membership card on your phone, you will have to show ID to confirm that is you. Sharing your memberships will not be tolerated.
Our Band App is still active. Facebook does not allow the sale of live animals by hobbyists on its platform, so if you need to sell fish or even equipment or plants, please join us at https://band.us/band/77982265.
If you are overstocked on fish or plants, give one of our sponsors a call. You might be able to get store credit towards new stock or supplies. But keep breeding your fish! You never know when your local fish store might not able to get fish with the pandamic going on!
Tropical Fish Room – 1-519-756-6225
Big Als Hamilton- 905-560-1000 ext 3
On behalf of the H&DAS executive and myself, we would like say please be safe during this 2nd wave of COVID-19.
Thank You
Mike Majer
President, H&DAS