Happy Fall everyone!
I hope everyone is doing well after eating all those Halloween candies.
We will be not having any in-person meetings or auctions at this time. Our halls have restrictions that we have to follow.
I would like to thank Ken Boorman for an amazing presention during our October Zoom meeting. Ken spoke to us on Rainbowfish species from his native country of Australia .

Zoom Meeting
On Nov 11th at 7:30pm,we have a Rick Borstein re-joining us. Rick will be presenting us with a new program on Livebearers he has made. If you were at our last Zoom Meeting with Rick and you enjoyed it like I did, you will like this one.

Nominations for the H&DAS Executive are now open. If you would like to run for any position or nominate someone for an H&DAS Executive seat, please email me at president@hdas.ca. Ballots are now open till end of our meeting in December.

Band App
Our group on the Band app has been getting a lot of posts lately which is amazing. On here you can buy and sell your fish or equipment, since the is no selling of livestock permitted on Facebook. Click here to join our Band group:

Reminder to visit our sponsors The Tropical Fishroom and Big Al’s Hamilton. Support our sponsors.
The membership discount is only for those with memberships valid as of March 2020. Memberships that expired previous to this date will not be honored. The membership card/virtual card must be presented by the membership holder at time of purchase in order to receive the discount. Membership cards may not be shared with friends/family.
Please show respect to our sponsor by honoring the terms of their discount.

The Canadian Association of Aquarium Club website is up and running. Visit www.caoac.ca.

I hope we can meet in person soon. Please stay safe.
Mike Majer