Hi Everyone

I hope you all didn’t eat to much left over Halloween candy much as I did!

I’d like to thank Frank Aguirre for joining us last months meeting and presenting to us and amazing presentation on Synodontis Catfishes . It was much enjoyed by all who attend.

On Thursday Nov 10th, We have one of our longtime club member Brian Glazier speaking to us on Swordtails! This informative presentation on the Xiphophorus Family will be great!
Join us, You don’t need to be a paid member to come to a meeting.
Located: 435 Mohawk Rd W ( corner of Mohawk Rd and Garth. In the basement.
Time: Meeting Starts 7:30pm Doors open at 7:00pm


I would like to thank everyone who joined us on Oct 8th for our Fall Auction. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. The Auction was a huge success ! To my fellow executive, Thank you! We did an amazing Job! To all the volunteers who helped us out from runners to kitchen help, your time of help was much appreciated. Our auctioneers, Bob and Udo. You two where amazing and your services was also appreciated. Thank you.


We are closing down our Library down. We will be raising money towards Neighbour to Neighbour Hamilton. A generous donation towards the books will defiantly help them out. There are amazing books up for grabs.


Our Elections are coming up next month. There are will be some positions opened. For myself I am still Not sure if I will go for another term as President. I will have my decision by next month.

If you would like to run for a position in our executive, please email us at info@hdas.ca or myself at president@hdas.ca.


Make sure you visit our Sponsors.

Big Als Hamilton
The Tropical Fishroom
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Rainforest Pets and Reptiles
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All paid members must show there paid and up to-date membership card to receive there discount.
Please follow our sponsors guidelines when receiving a discount.
Membership Cards can not be shared with Friends.

Our Holiday Party is next month. Paid members will receive an email soon.

Mike Majer