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Presidents Message – June

Hi everyone!

Wow! What’s with this weather. I suppose it’s a break for the grass so it can green up again.
Big thank you to Jeff Mountjoy for coming out to our last meeting and talking to us about “feeding our fish”. Our presenter for June 9 is Rob Vanderlock from Crackers Corals. He will be presenting a Marine Talk – introduction to historical reef keeping and modern reef keeping. I’m sure this will be a fantastic program. I’d love to have a reef tank.
Also a big thank you to London Aquarium Society for hosting the CAOAC convention May 20 to 22. Fantastic presenters and awesome weekend.
HDAS will be the hosts of the 2017 CAOAC Convention at the Burlington Holiday Inn. We are excited to announce our speaker line up.  Ian Fuller, Eric Bodrock,  Regina Spotti and Lawrence Kent will be our presenters. If you have any suggestions for the convention please bring them to the attention of an executive member.
See you tomorrow everyone.


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May President’s Message

Hi everyone! Hope your enjoying the nice weather. Big thank you to Sasha Hunter from Aquascape for her fantastic presentation on ponds and pond care. I’m looking forward to the presentation by Jeff Mountjoy on Thurs May 12. His presentation “feeding fish, food for thought!” Plus a few surprises…..
The CAOAC convention takes place at Fanshawe College May 20 to 22. Speaker tickets are still available. There will be an auction on the Sunday. For more info please check out their site. Always a great weekend.
Hope to see you at our meeting on Thurs.


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Presidents Message April

Hi everyone!
It really looks nice but still cold day today. I cant wait to get working on my ponds. I love this time of year.
Our Spring Auction and Show was a huge success. We had a record 152 items in our show. I’d like to thank everyone for their help…..we can’t do it without you. Our Fall Auction is on Sat Oct 1 so be sure to mark that date on your calendar. We are currently looking for a few vendors to help complete this auction.
Our presentation on Thurs April 14 is a “Pond Presentation” presented by Sasha Hunter from Aquascape. Thank you Big Al’s and Mike for your help setting up this program. You need not be a club member to attend. We encourage everyone to come out and enjoy our monthly meetings. We have draws, raffles and a small auction.
The CAOAC convention is quickly approaching on May 20 to 22 at Fanshawe College. Please visit their website for more information.
There will not be a bulletin this month as our editor is unavailable to complete it. The HDAS team wishes Jess a speedy recovery.
Hope to see you at our April meeting.


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Dinner Speaker



           ANTON LAMBOJ

Saturday November 14/15

Waterdown Legion -79 Hamilton St

Cost is $15 plus a potluck item to share

NeNeighbour to Neighbour Food Drive

Please Contact Carla – for info

ANTON was born 1956 and has been an aquarist since the age of ten. Around 1980, he began to take a special interest in the cichlids of West and Central Africa. This interests led, in 1988, to the beginning of his academic education at the University of Vienna. Works for Master degree and PhD were focussed on the systematics of West African cichlids, which still is the main work and aquaristic interest too. Since 1998, he works as lecturer and associated scientist of the University of Vienna. His work combines morphological and anatomical methods as well as ethological studies and molecular methods.
As an aquarist, he is interested in many other groups of fish (“every fish is of interest and beautiful”), with some more detailed interest in Anabantoids (especially for the genera Betta and Parosphromenus) and West African Killies. Over the last years, the interest for some South American cichlids (Gymnogeophagus) increased too. 
Other hobbies done with passion are keeping orchids in a small greenhouse, gardening, keeping and breeding exotic birds and diving (all connected with a lot of photographing – what is some kind of passion too).
Anton Lamboj has made numerous field/collecting trips to Africa, additionally several trips to South East Asia, Central America and South America. Recently, he holds about 50 tanks to breed and to study his fish, he has authored more then 350 papers (both academic and hobbist) in ten languages, including four books and contributions to about 40 other books (aquaristic as well as scientific ones). Till now, he has described 3 genera and 24 species, more are in preparation. 
He is lecturer and associated scientist of the University of Vienna, lecturer at the University for Applied Sciences of Upper Austria, chief editor of aqua-terra-austria (Austrian aquarium and terrarium journal), curator in the C.A.R.E.S. program and at Cichlid Room Companion; also honorary member of the French Cichlid Ass. (AFC), the Hill Country Cichlid Club (HCCC), Texas and the Nordiska Ciklidsällskapet (NSC) and Multicolor Ailingen. 2011 he was honoured for his international work for the hobby as a „Mastère fédéral d‘aquariophilie“ by the French Aquarium Federation FFA.



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Dinner with Anton Lamboj

Sat Nov 14 
V   Waterdown Legion
                   79 Hamilton St

$15 and Potluck Dinner item
Neighbour  to Neighbour Food Drive
Prizes and Draws

Please contact Carla at

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Presidents Message September

President’s message for September 2014

Hi everybody! It seems like summer has just arrived and a look at the calendar says it is well into to August now. Fall is almost here and September is just around the corner.
I hope everybody has enjoyed their summer projects and their fish are flourishing . I know it has been an eventful summer for many of our members in the community’ and it will be good to catch up with everybody soon.
With Fall comes the time for the local clubs to get together for meetings again ..It’s time to start preparing for meetings with some good speakers , auctions workshops ect ect .

As a reminder , Hamilton’s club’s meetings are open to all.. So if you have never been to a meeting please come for an interesting evening and meet some fellow fishy keepers. We meet at the Church of the Resurrection at 4325 Mohawk Road West near the corner of Garth and Mohawk in Hamilton the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm .

And to all who know when and where our meetings are it will be great to see you all again in a few weeks . See you all on Thursday September 11th.

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Presidents Message April

Hi everybody ; It’s April already and Spring is finally here the crocuses are finally popping up and the birds are returning. It seems that March just flew by , and what a month we had .

HDAS had our Spring Auction and Show. It was a great success!!!! I hope everybody who attended had a good time. It was great to see many of our members there, as well as a lot of visitors from all over at the event. It was really nice to catch up with friends that maybe we hadn’t seen since last fall.
Our show was just fantastic!!!The fish were just awesome! I am proud to say that there were some of the nicest looking fish at the event. A big ongrats to all the people who entered their fish in the show.

I sure hope you managed to get the winning bid on the fish you wanted. There was an awesome selection to choose from up for sale.
I want to thank all the people who came out to help and support the club during the event. Your volunteering your time makes events such as the show and auction such a great success. A big thank you to all our valued sponsors who donated products. There were many great items available from them for people to bid on.
I certainly hope our next auction is just as good or even better.

March’s monthly meeting had Ron Bishop talking about Gizmos and gadgets. Thank you Ron for sharing all you tips about all the different things we can use with our fish and tanks.

April is time for our Home Show!! This months meeting we will be showing some member’s tanks who have graciously volunteered to be photographed and judged by our volunteer judges. All the tanks have been seen so come to the meeting and see some beautiful tanks! Thank you to the members who let us into their homes to show us their tank(s).
I will see you at the meeting … Happy spring!!

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Presidents Message March

Presidents message for March 2014

March is here and Spring is on it’s way. Winter is almost over and I am really looking forward to Spring and Spring babies.
It doesn’t look and feel like it right now but soon we will be taking of the layers and getting our gardens ready .

I want to thank Jessica Bullock for her very informative presentation last month .
A Planted Tank Primer…I know I picked up a few tips for my planted tanks.

March is going to be a busy month . Spring auction time is only a few weeks away.
Our Spring Show and Auction will be on Saturday March 22 at the Waterdown Legion Hall.
The doors will be open at 8am, and the auction starts at 10am. We are looking forward a good turn out and seeing all your fish in the show.
I know that I am looking at my fish and wondering which ones will be going to the show.

I am really looking forward to our March meeting and speaker.
Our speaker will be Ron Bishop and he will be talking about the “Gizmos and Gadgets” that we use in this wonderful hobby of ours.
See you there!!!

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HDAS -Show Rules


1. $2.00 per entry for the first ten entries and $1.00 for each entry over ten. The first entry for every Junior registrant (16 years or younger) is free.
2. Provisions will be made for the well being of fish; however HAMILTON AND DISTRICT AQUARIUM SOCIETY accepts no responsibility for losses or damage sustained during the show.
3. All entries will be under the jurisdiction of the show chairman until tear down (approx. 5 pm.) and may not be removed from the show until conclusion of the auction, unless authorized by the show chairperson..
4. Entrants will provide their own tank and water. Entrants may provide their own pump, airline and air stone, if they wish.
5. Tanks must have a cover that can be removed for judging.
6. Anyone is eligible to enter. You need not be a member of a fish club.
7. No entry may be entered in more than one class.
8. Fish which display any disease or deformity may be disqualified.
9. The show will be judged by C.A.O.A.C. certified judges and/or apprentice judges. Their decisions will be final and not subject to appeal at the show. If in their opinion the entries in a class do not come up to show standards, a non-contest may be called. If there are only two entries that are satisfactory then any combination of 1st, 2nd and 3rd may be awarded.
10. In any case of dispute the show chairperson’s decision will be final and binding.
11. Family classes: each entry will consist of one spawning pair and at least 10 young from the pair, less than three months old. Tank dividers and pots may be used if necessary
12. No snails, ornaments, sand or stones etc. may be present in a tank (excepting invertebrate class and novelty class).
13. It is the responsibility of the entrants to make sure their fish are in the correct class. The show chairperson will help upon request.
14. No aerosol sprays or mist type cleaners will be permitted in the show area.
15. All accessories and equipment (i.e. pails, nets, etc.) must be kept out of sight.
16. All show fish to be auctioned after the show must be labelled as such by the owner and registered prior to the show. lt is also the responsibility of the owner to bag the fish for auction after the awards presentation has taken place.
17. No Coloured water will be allowed.
18. No moving other peoples show tanks without the approval of the show person first.
19. Junior class is any variety of fish owned and kept by someone 16 years of age or younger.
20. Photography prints must not be larger than 81/2”X11” and must have been taken by the entrant in the past 12 months.
21. People’s Choice will be decided by the votes of those attending the show. Each person entering the show room will be asked to sign in and will receive a ballot at that time.
22. Registration will open at 8:00 a.m. and all fish must be registered by 9:30 a.m. All entries must be benched by 10:30 a.m. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 9:30 AND THE SHOW ROOM WILL BE CLOSED AT 10:30 FOR JUDGING
24. There will be cash prizes and certificates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each of the 31 classes. There will also be gift card awards for Best of Show, People’s Choice, High Aggregate, Best Egglayer and Best Livebearer

For more info call Catherine Salmon 905-529-2076
There are 31 Classes
1. Anabantids (other than Betta splendens)
2. Betta splendens Half Moon male
3. Betta splendens, All other forms, male
4. Betta splendens female
5. Guppy male
6. Guppy female
7. killifish
8. Corydoras, Brochis, Aspidoras, Scleromastyx
9. Suckermouth Catfish
10. A.O.V. Catfish
11. Characins
12. Minnows and Rainbowfish
13. Barbs
14. Sharks and Loaches
15. Swordtails

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HDAS Show Categories

HDAS Show 2014

Are you getting your prize fish ready for the spring action?

1. Anabantids (other than Betta splendens)
2. Betta splendens Half Moon male
3. Betta splendens, All other forms, male
4. Betta splendens female
5. Guppy male
6. Guppy female
7. killifish
8. Corydoras, Brochis, Aspidoras, Scleromastyx
9. Suckermouth Catfish
10. A.O.V. Catfish
11. Characins
12. Minnows and Rainbowfish
13. Barbs
14. Sharks and Loaches
15. Swordtails 16. Platies and Variatus 17. A.O.V. Livebearer
18. Goldfish and Koi
19. Any Other Variety
20. Angels and Discus
21. Dwarf Cichlids (not rift lake)
22. Rift Lake Cichlids
23. A.O.V. Cichlids
24. Invertebrates/Aquatic Animals
25. Junior Class
26. Family Class Egglayer
27. Family Class Livebearer
28. Plants
29. Novelty
30. Arts and Crafts
31. Photography Prints

Major Awards
Best in Show
Best Livebearer
Best Egglayer
Best Aggregate
People’s Choice

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