Presidents Message

Hi Everyone

Happy New Years and welcome to a new year at the HDAS club. The new team and some old are all ready to provide you with a great fish experience. We hope to keep you informed and provide you with knowledge about keeping your fish and perhaps experimenting with something new. If you have any requests please let Larry Johnson know. He has volunteered to help put programs together for us. Thank you Joe B for all your help with this job over the many years. Joe isn’t going anywhere, he is still offering his expertise, just in other ways. Our spring auction and show is quickly approaching. Please mark Saturday March 23 on your calendar of events not to be missed. As always, we will be needing lots of help. It takes many sets of hands to make our auction a success. Please let me know if you can help.
Those of you that came out to the Christmas dinner at the Red Maple I’m sure enjoyed a great night. The food was good and the company was fantastic. The weather was treating us a bit like winter but thats the season.
Do you have any pictures you would like to share with me on your pond. Please send them to me at your earliest convenience. I’m trying to put together a pond program. Your pictures can be anything, any season, construction, flourishing etc. Just send them. Thanks. I already received a few and thank you very much.
I look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting on Thurs Jan 10.


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Red Maple

Hi Everyone
Our food drive and fishy table event for Neighbour to Neighbour was very successful. Thank you all. Everyone is welcome to meet at the Red Maple on Thurs Dec 20 @ 6:30pm for a buffet dinner. It’s at Upper Middle and Appleby Line.

Hope to see you there!
Merry Christmas


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Presidents Message

Hi Everyone and Happy Holidays!!!

I’d like to thank Larry Johnson for his presentation on Lake Malawi at our last meeting. After my weekend trip to Ohio for the Ohio Cichlid Convention I have finally decided to join the cichlid folks and I’m going to convert my 150 tank to cichlids. I can’t believe it myself but I’m ready for a change. If you have any rock, I sure needs lots so please bring it to the meeting.
Tis the season so I’m hoping to see everyone at our meeting on Thurs Dec 13. Its our annual Christmas meeting where I think we have a great time mingling, playing some games, (I’m sure Noel has something special set up for us) raise some money thru our fish draw table (chinese auction) and run a successful food drive for Neighbour to Neighbour. Its very rewarding delivering whatever the club has raised thru the food drive and draw tables. We will still have our regular draws and auction at the meeting. And if you’ve been good all year we might have a treat for you too.
January is election month. If you are interested in joining the executive, please let me know. Everyone is welcome. We are always looking for some new ideas.
The Home Show is coming up quickly too. Get your tanks ready for picture taking in middle to late March. I’m also trying to put a presentation together on ponds for the June meeting. If you have any pictures of your pond and yard, please send them to me. Thanks!!!

Hope to see you all at the Christmas meeting!
Happy Holidays


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Christmas Party

Just a reminder that December 13 is our Food Drive for Neighbour to Neighbour. All money raised thru the evening will be donated as well.


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Hi everyone!
Ryan is helping me to update info on this site. If you have something you’d like me to add-let me know.


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President’s Message – November 2012

Hi Everyone!!!
I’d like to thank Jesssica for her presentation last month on Fish Health and Medications.  Great job Jessica.  The presentation for November is on Larry Johnson’s recent trip to Lake Malawi “swimming with the cichlids”.  I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing about his trip.  Our December meeting will be dedicated to Christmas.  Noel will be setting up a Fish related game for us to enjoy, pizza and wings, bring a desert to share if you will.  Sarah L is setting up a Fishy Draw table.  Please let Sarah know if you have a donation for her table.  These donations do not need to be about fish.  Tickets will be sold for the draw table.  We ask that everyone please bring a non parishable food donation.  All proceeds from the evening will be going to the Neighbour to Neighbour Food Drive. Christmas is such a great time to give.  
Please consider helping out the club and joining the executive.  We have an executive meeting on the Third Thursday of each month.  Everyone is welcome to come out to our meetings.  Come give some of your expertise to our club. The annual election of the executive will take place at the January meeting. All nominations must be presented to the members of the club by our December meeting.  Let me know if your interested.  
See you at the meeting!

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President’s Message – October 2012

hi Everyone and welcome to October!

 I’d like to thank Peter DeSousa for his presentation on “killie fish” last month.  It was very informative. Such beautiful fish.  This month Jessica will be speaking on “fish medications”.  I’ve had a number of people asking about fish health and what the y need to do for a successful tank full of healthy fish.  Let Jessica explain this to you.  Our fall auction on Sat. Sept. 22 was a great success. Thanks to Big Al’s and Angel Fins for coming out and supporting the club with their vendors tables.  Also, special thanks to Big Al’s for their kind donation of the 46 gallon bowfront tank fully decked out with a heater, filter and gift card.  It only took one ticket purchased to be the winner.  Just ask Eric.  Special thanks to everyone that come out and helped us out on Sat.  You all worked very hard and everyone helped to make it a great success. Thank you all 🙂

In the past we have had a fish growing contest with a winner of that batch of fish judged in June.  The executive has decided to change it up this year.  We will be having a 7 category fish show at our June meeting.  Please stay tuned to see what the classes will be.  Get your fish ready and see what prizes you could win.

Just a reminder that December is family fun night.  Pizza and wings unless you want to change it up.  Fish games, table raffle and neighbour to neighbour food drive.  All money from the fish table raffle also goes to support the food drive.  Elections take place in January.  If you would like to be part of the executive, please let me know.  All seats are open and ready for your participation.  If you just want to come and get involved, please come to an executive meeting.

Hope to see you all at the meeting.


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President’s Message – September 2012

Hi Everyone!!!

I just can’t believe that its already September.  Where did this absolutely beautiful summer go.  I know I spent most of mine at work where it was hot, hot, hot.  I also spent some time in my yard where my ponds did me proud.  I really love the feeling of peace in my yard.  The  12 shubumkins I put in my pond last year absolutely flourished.  I must have at least 150 fish now.  Its been really great watching everything grow and bloom.  I also got a beautiful lotus from a friend and it did really well.  I will be sad to see this season end and hope that everything comes back next year.

Welcome to a new season with the HDAS.  Our September speaker is Peter DeSouza and he is going to be speaking to us about Killie Fish.  I’m so looking forward to this presentation.  You have all seen his beautiful fish during our monthly auctions.  It will be so nice to find out some of the secrets of raising Killies.
Our Fall Auction is on Saturday September 22.  It is at the Legion in Waterdown.  I keep telling everyone about how many people it takes to run an auction. (min 25) This statement hasn’t changed.  We need runners, chit writers, computer help, hall set up, hall break down,  donation person, kitchen help, auctioneers, table organizers, etc, etc.  We are also offering vendor tables to local fish related businesses.  I hate to beg but if you can help out for a few hours – we could really use the help.
There are many other auctions happening this fall as well.  Sarnia – Sept 15. Toronto Reptile Breeders Expo – Sept 15, 16.  Sept 30 – London.  Oct 21 – St Catherines.  Oct 28 – Kitchener.  Nov 4 – Peel.
The October program is being presented by our own Jessica Bullock on fish medications.  Another interesting and informative speaker.  If you have any requests for programs please let Joe B know and he will do his best to arrange it.

I hope to see you all at our first meeting of the season Thurs Sept 13 @ 7:30.


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President’s Message – June 2012

Hi Everyone!!!Yup, I took this week off work so I could work on my pond and gardens.  So far all I’ve seen is rain and the weather just isn’t too exciting.  Not what I was hoping for but I’m sure it will get better sometime this week.  My ponds are looking great.  I got a few new plants for the pond but I’m looking forward to our June meeting to see if there is anything else I can pick up.  I have some watersprite that accidently got into my one pond and its flourishing like crazy.  The fish love it.  I will bring some of that for the auction.  Our June meeting will be a goldfish presentation by Frank Aguirre.

Please remember to bring one of your turquoise rainbows you are growing up for the fish growing contest.  There are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place fish.  Of course, Charlie D will be judging our fish.

Our fall auction will be on Saturday, September 22.   Please try to mark this date on your calendar.  Let me know if you can help us out that day.  I’ve said it sooo many times but it takes about 25 people to make an auction work and we really need the help.  You don’t need to help all day but whatever you can do will be appreciated.

Over the summer send me some pictures of your pond.  They don’t need to be perfect pictures, its not a contest.  Lets see how many pictures I get and perhaps I can put a program together for next spring with all your pond pictures.  You can send pictures throughout the year with all the different seasons.  Lets see what happens.

I hope to see you all at the meeting on June 14.  If you can’t make it to the meeting I hope you have a terrific summer and see you in September.


~oops, there it goes raining again…

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President’s Message – May 2012

Hi Everyone!
I sure hope that May will be a beginning of a wonderful spring and summer. It seemed as though the spring was off to a good start only a month ago but then something happened and it got cold again. I think my pond fish are confused.
I’d like to thank Frank H, Charlie D, Albert V and Ryan B for the great job they did. The Home Show is getting larger each year. As a person that appreciates everything that is done to make a tank look that great and how much work you all do to make them look that way……..thank you all for participating. I can’t wait to see what you all have for next year.
Our program for this month on May 10 is on Zebra Plecos. Doug White will be coming to speak to us about his adventures in breeding these wonderful fish. This is a program you don’t want to miss. The program for June is being presented by Fish Sempai on Koi. June is pond month and the last presentation of this season. If you have any suggestions for the 2012-2012 season, please let Joe B or myself know.
How are your Turquoise Rainbows for the fish growing contest doing? Get them ready for the June meeting.
I’d like to congratulate Jerry and Barb Draper on their recent marriage.
It was a beautiful day. We wish you many happy years together.
I hope to see you all at the meeting.

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