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September meeting

Our first meeting after the summer is all about the Hamburg Matten Filter.
Udo will have a demonstration of the construction of this new filter that is used by a lot of European hobbyists.

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President’s Message – September 2011

Hi Everyone!
I hope you’ve all had a great summer. I hope there is still more summer to come but as I’m on holidays in the Napanee/Kingston area, I’m noticing the changing of the weather. Fall is in the air and the leaves are gently turning.
I’ve had a great summer. My ponds did really well. My lillies are huge and have had many blooms. There are many baby fish and they grow larger by the day.
Our first meeting this season is on Thurs. Sept 8. I hope you can all make it. The Fall Auction and Show is on Sun. Oct 2. Get your fish ready for the Show. Its a cash payout so you could make lots of money. This auction will be a cash auction. You pay as you buy. Its less trouble for everyone when cashing out. If you can help the club out by running, doing up chits, anything at all please let me know.
I’d like to see us all participating in the CARES program. Please see Karen to register your fish. We will also be signing up for the fish growing contest at the Sept meeting.
I hope to see you all at the there.


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President’s Message – June 2011

Isn’t green a beautiful colour. Its so nice to finally see everything turning green and filling out. I kind of wish the weeds would slow down some but I suppose you can’t have it all. First, I’d like to thank Charlie, Margaret and Jessica for putting on such an excellent presentation last month. It was very informative. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Also, I’d like to thank everyone that came out to the CAOAC Convention that was hosted by the Brantford Club at the Best Western on the long May weekend. Thank you to the Hamilton Team that ran an exceptional auction. Great job to you all. The convention was a great time. There were a few surprises…………….some upcoming nuptials perhaps. Congratulations to Barb and Jerry.
Sunday, June 12 is the trip to the Toronto Zoo. Unfortunately, there are not enough tickets purchased to cover the cost of the bus. If everyone is willing to drive………the trip is still on. Please let me know at your soonest opportunity if you would still like to participate in the trip.
The 4th Annual Pond Tour is on Sunday, July 10. We will be meeting in the Limeridge Mall parking lot, across from the legion at 10am. The cost of the tour is $20 and includes a BBQ dinner at my place. I will need everyone to pay for this trip at the meeting so I can purchase passports. Also, please bring your own lawn chair. I hope you can all make it.
Remember that this months meeting is a presentation by Jerry Draper on ponds. If you have any pond related items for the auction, this is a great month to bring them.
If you have any questions about the zoo trip or pond tour, please do not hesitate to email me

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H&DAS Bulletin – 2 For 1 – April and May 2011

The members are about to bite in to the juicy June bulletin this afternoon. Consider joining H&DAS for early access, and more!
Here are two archived bulletins from the past two months:

Click to download H&DAS Bulletin – April 2011 (PDF)
Click to download H&DAS Bulletin – May 2011 (PDF)
Or view it without Acrobat Reader:

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President’s Message – May 2011

hi everyone!

May is such an exciting month. The yards are coming to life, turning green. Flowers are starting to make an impact everywhere. Those of us with ponds are excited with the promise of tranquility during the hot summer months in our yards. Those lucky fish get to stay cool in such a wonderful place. I look forward to seeing my yard come to life. May is also the month of the annual CAOAC convention at the Best Western Hotel in Brantford. It is being hosted this year by the Brantford Aquarium Club. It is sure to be a great long weekend of fun with friends and exciting speakers. Its starts on Friday May 20 and runs thru Monday May 23. There is an auction on the Monday at the hotel. Everyone is invited. If you have questions or are looking for information on the convention, check out
This months program is a workshop on making mops and food for your fish. It should be interesting and give you some other options for feeding your fish. Charlie D will be giving us information on making mops, Joe B and Marg D will be teaching us about feeding our fish different foods. June is always pond month.
HDAS is planning a trip to the Toronto Zoo on Sunday, June 12. The cost for the trip is $35.00 per person. This includes the bus transportation and entry into the zoo. We will be accepting the money for this trip at the meeting on May 12.
We are making a change to the 4th Annual Pond Tour. We are going to incorporate the Hospice Pond Tour into our HDAS Pond Tour. The Hospice Pond Tour runs the full weekend of Sat. July 9 and Sun. July 10. This tour will have approximately 30 watergardens featured. Grimsby, Hamilton, Brantford and Burlington are all taking part in this Tour. All money raised will help to support the Hospices in these areas. The cost of a weekend pass is $25.00 but we will be offering them to you for only $20.00. We will be putting together a tour for Sunday and provide a BBQ free of charge to you after a day of touring these wonderful ponds. The best part is that you get to use your pass for both days. I sure hope you all want to help out our many Hospice Families and support them. We will be accepting the money for the Pond Tour at the meeting as well.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.
See you all at the meeting.


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H&DAS Bulletin – March 2011

Here is the latest archived bulletin:

Click to download H&DAS Bulletin – March 2011 (PDF)

Or view it without Acrobat Reader:

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President’s Message – April 2011

Hello Everyone!

So they say that April Showers bring May flowers. I say, “Bring it On”. I can’t wait to get my yard cleaned up and my pond up and running. I look forward to seeing my waterfall running. All my fish looked like they were doing ok when I checked it out last week. Then we got another snow fall. I have some ideas for finishing off the pond area and I wonder just how it will all turn out. I’m going to put my pond on our 4th Annual Pond Tour so perhaps you can come and see how it all ends up. I’m working on the finishing touches. I think everyone likes to make a few changes each year. If you have a pond and would like to have it on the tour, please let me know. The date is Sunday, July 10th. We will follow the day up with a BBQ. If you would like to come on the Tour, get some ideas for a pond you are interested in building – just let me know. Everyone is welcome.

We are also planning a bus trip to the trip to the Toronto Zoo for Sunday, June 10. It’s not too late to sign up. The sign up sheet will be available at the meeting.

Have you looked into going to the CAOAC Convention. It’s being held in Brantford at the Best Western hotel on the long weekend in May (20, 21, 22, 23). The auction is on the Monday. For more information, please check out the Brantford website. It’s a great weekend to spend with others that enjoy our hobby. The fish term for us people is “Fishaholics”.

The program this month is the yearly “Home Show”. I understand that there are several entries. The kids really got into this too. I can’t wait to see how the pictures turned out. Who will win the “Peoples Choice Award”. We also have Klaus Steinhaus helping out our new C.A.R.E.S. representative Karen making a presentation. We all have many fish that are represented on the C.A.R.E.S. program. Come and get the information so you can help make a difference.
I was asked to represent the HDAS club at the 2nd Annual Hospice Pond Tour the weekend of July 9 and 10. The tour will be show casing ponds in Grimsby, Hamilton, Burlington and Brantford. I will get more information up on our website about this tour shortly. The cost of a weekend passport to this Pond Tour is $25.

I hope to see you all at the meeting on Thurs. April 14.


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March President’s Message

Hi Everyone!
And yes, finally, February is done and so bring on spring. I can’t wait to get started. The spring auctions are all happening with some great deals for all us fish people. I hope you got everything you were looking for at our Hamilton Auction.
A big Thank You to Zena for bringing us a look at Sea Horses. They were beautiful and truly remarkable. An excellent program. I hope you enjoy this months program on Setting up A Reef Tank.
Its not too late to enter the Home Show. The Home Show Team are making plans to get out and get those pictures taken and judge your tanks soon. The program will be presented in April. If you have any questions pertaining the set up of your tank for the show, please ask Charlie, Albert or Frank to help you out at the meeting. We will also be having a short presentation on the CARES program in April. How can you help our environment and help maintain the fish population. Come to the meeting and get the information.
We are planning a trip to the Toronto Zoo for Sunday June 12. There are still seats available. If you are interested in going, please sign up. I am trying to make plans for a behind the scenes tour of the Aquarium area.
Are you planning on spending the May Long Weekend at the CAOAC Convention? You can get a ticket to include the whole weekend with speakers for only $80. It should be a good weekend. More information will be available at meeting.
We are also setting up the Third Annual Pond Tour for Sunday July 10. If you would like to have your pond on the tour, please let me know. It would be great to see YOUR pond on the tour. It doesn’t matter how large or small your pond or water feature is, its sharing your tranquil space with friends. We will finish the event with a BBQ. Everyone is welcome.
Hope you enjoy the meeting this month.


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HDAS March Program

The presentation is about setting up a marine system and the different ways you can achieve it.

Clarification between Fish only systems, Fish with live rock and Full blown reef systems.

An introduction to the basics of the Nitrogen cycle which occurs in marine systems and how they differ from each of the systems mentioned above.

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Spring auction update for sellers

Anyone requiring a seller’s number in advance can contact Albert ( before March 5 to be sent a printable version of the number.

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